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the embrace idv

  1. Selling  24S 81A BloodBath, True Proof, P5, Ryunosuke Akutagawa, etc

    For more info as to what’s the highest current offer PM me here or contact in DC. ✨Some info on the acc: 💗Now has Eternity (outdated edit) 💗Full Lady truth ✨PM for more info on accs, frames etc :> ❗️Scammers DNI, I background check heavily so as any suspicious offers will be declined. Don’t...
  2. Selling  Selling King's Tailor, Embrace, Full Death Note, Full Cowboy/Patient +More!

    - NOTABLES ONLY - Evaluated at $500! :D - BUYOUT: $750! - Buyer pays MM fee - PayPal F&F or CashApp only please!! :D - Please DM me on Discord or send me a PM if interested! - Elesira the Bookdragon#0230 - Price negotiable, as always! - I also have other accounts up for sale, so if you buy 2+ of...
  3. SOLD  iOS asia white + inference acc !! Lf $450+

    I just bought my dream account so I’m gonna let this one go. I could look at offers with the white code + money was well !! or simply just money offers. I’m not really looking to trade unless its acc + money. The transfer code isn’t available currently. There’s still no DMM or email bind, however !!
  4. Buying  The embrace 70$

    Lf : the embrace NA/EU IOS. Budget : 70$ can do more if the account has golden ratio too Discord: NINKU#9839
  5. Buying  Lf: smurf victor skin

    Lf: smurf victor any skin Ios na/eu Budget: 30~40$ paypal Discord: NINKU#9839
  6. Trading  The Embrace + Succubus + Sands of Time + Ephemeral and more!

    hi!! im looking to trade my account, preferably for other embrace accs or accs w jack skins! i can also sell or take acc + money, either reply here or msg my discord vic 🗝#0325 ! only notables shown ^^ also has hush and limited vera + kevin emotes
  7. SOLD  [android NA/EU no dmm] the embrace, phoenix, norman tpn, epitaph

    HI! I'm selling my old IDV account since I quitted the game and I'm in urge of money. NA/EU, ANDROID, NO DMM, Transfer available. The highest offer I received so far is 100$, feel free to message me here or on discord ( Ravioliᥫ᭡#8171 ) MM fees are on you.
  8. BOUGHT  LF The Embrace on NA/EU

    just looking for postman’s limited s tier skin the embrace ! would prefer a small account that is under or around 150 usd, but of course I’m open to all offers!! can take ios or android but ios is preferred. my discord is rory#3261 but you can reply to this thread as well! mm is required.
  9. SOLD  Selling the Embrace

    Hello I am selling the Embrace alongside some other limited skins and pets. The account costs 165€/$ in Google play cards. A transfer code will be ready in 29 days starting from now
  10. Selling  NA/EU ACC Monokuma, Crimson Bride, Panther

    Hello I decided to sell my IDV acc which is bond on a Twitter acc! 2 S Tiers: -The Embrace -Monokuma 22 A Tiers: -crimson bride -panther (P5) -uninvited quest (event) -yesterday (event) The price for it is 100€ - 150€ Payment only via PayPal If interested message me on Discord Jaceu(#7876)
  11. Selling  ren amamiya/joker, the embrace, desolate sand, golden ratio acc

    REN AMAMIYA/JOKER, THE EMBRACE, DESOLATE SAND, GOLDEN RATIO ACC Starting fresh with offers for my boyfriend's acc I'm selling for! Money offers only! Paypal & Venmo = OK! :mewo: Buy-Out: $1k / Minimum offers of $600! Current highest offer: $750 Now has an active DMM unlike my previous...