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tf2 primeval warrior

  1. SOLD  Cheaters Lament+Primeval Warrior+18yo+6dig idsteam

    Account Payment Method: TF2 (75) KEYS If you wanna middle man you pay fee. Discord: SoldierOfWar#2313
  2. Selling  Primeval Warrior-Cheaters Lament-Proof of Purchase-5 10 yr Coin-14 yo-1000+gms

    Screenshots Here Price: 200 tf2 keys Rules: 1. You're going first, we can also just use a Middleman through this site if you're afraid. 2. You must not be banned or marked as a scammer/scammer alt/etc. 3. I am not currently accepting paypal/btc at this time (mostly bc I don't have btc and...
  3. Buying  Steam account with TF2 rare items and between 6 - 15 years of service

    Like I said in title looking for steam acc with TF2 goodies such as Cheater's Lament, Primeval or Grizzled veteran badges ect ( or at least mercenary badge with really early date like 2011 - 2012 ). Account should not have any vac bans or negative reputations/ multiple server bans. I won't mind...
  4. Buying Primeval Warrior Steam account

    I would like to buy a Steam account with the TF2 item, the Primeval Warrior in it. If you have a Steam account with this item, I am willing to pay whatever price you wish (within reason). To contact me about this please email, [email protected]