tf2 backpack

  1. Selling  [GEARS]KnifeWarrior | Selling account | 4 years old | TF2 Items

    Hey guys trying to sell my steam account because I have no use for it anymore. 205 tf2 items (Mostly scout) Make me a price and I will consider (Money only) Add me on discord if you want to talk: Knifey boi#4870
  2. Selling  Selling tf2 account 1400+ hrs played

    Selling a steam account with tf2 with over 1400 hrs played + a backpack worth about 50$. Contact me at [email protected] or here
  3. Buying  Willing to buy an account w/ lots of guns/hat for csgo skins + $$ . Offer!

    Offer me anything! I have a Field Tested Case Hardened Ak-47(~$25) and a Minimal wear Awp redline(~$10) and lots of blues and a few pinks in Csgo that im willing to trade. Do NOT offer me anything over $150... thank you :) Skype: Cohack (add me to offer!) Thanks again :D
  4. Trading  Wtt tf2 unusuals ,for cs go skins/knifes.

    Unusuals I own. Modest Pile Of Hat (Burning Flames) Texas Ten Gallon (Secret To Everybody) Glengarry Bonnet (Secret To Everybody) Hat With No Name (Cloudy Moon) Private Eye (Misty skull) Carousers Captain (Cloudy Moon) Demoman's Fro (Haunted Ghosts) Frenchman's Berret (Sunbeams) Modest Pile Of...
  5. Buying Primeval Warrior Steam account

    I would like to buy a Steam account with the TF2 item, the Primeval Warrior in it. If you have a Steam account with this item, I am willing to pay whatever price you wish (within reason). To contact me about this please email, [email protected]