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  1. SOLD  Lvl 100 Rank 15 - Loki - Abel - Virgo GC Shun - All LG bronze!

    LVL 100 Rank 15 TOP Level pvp Account. Hi everyone, I'm looking to sell another lvl 100, Premium Rank 15 . (Android only) The account has all Characters and only has 12 characters left to unlock! All Star Hill Signs unlocked with all stars filled. Enough drinks to max several saints and...
  2. Selling  Naruto account CN server- lvl 83, 76K bp

    Tendo [and 84 frags.] All pains Onoki Gaara Darui (Almost 4 stars) 70 danzo's frags. Fuguki Ringo Toroi Hanabi Itachi [Anbu] (almost 5stars) Asuma WB Iruka Hanzo Hanzo [Edo Tensei] Yagura Shikamaru GNW Lee (six gate) Almost 100 ninjas Charms: 3~4 Refine: 5~8 Summons: Giant Katsuyu, Demon fox...