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tears of thermis

  1. Selling  Rank 60 | 5 Ssr | Luke focused account

    Selling this Rank 60 Tears of Themis account with 5 SSR and 2 MR cards. Has 320 SChip. Mostly Luke's cards. It has a log in bonus with extra bonus(and SChip) too^^ In belows pict You can offer me for price in discord or through pm. Discord : riony#4171
  2. Selling TOT account! ($20) Price nego!

    I'm selling this ToT account for $20 negotiable (Google play gift cards only!!!) Has 6SSR and 3 limited MR of Artem. I don't use this account anymore and need some extra money haha- Can also select returner MR.
  3. SOLD  Global Tears of Themis Luke Lovers ACC lv 80, 13 SSR, 2 Anniversary

    I want to sell this ToT account of mine Quite lucky account with Luke & Marius I have 13 SSR, 2 anniversary card Luke & Artem But there is just 1,4 K schips left You can change the username and birthday I only accept paypal payment, i open for 70 USD, you can bid it Here's the account details if...
  4. BOUGHT  Tears of Themis account!

    Really looking for an account with lots of s-chips/visions!! Comment/DM accounts, and how much you’re willing to sell them for :)
  5. SOLD  GL bday unset lv 60, 3 SSR, 102k+ power 9206 S Chips $30 usd

    Payment Method: Amazon Giftcard or Steam Giftcard I do not take Paypal, Venmo, Wise, Zelle or Crypto Discord: Yenny#1361 I feel like this shouldn't have needed to be said but, too many people are DMing me or adding me but not specifying the game you need to tell me which game in your message...
  6. Selling  Global R72 | 10 ssr (2 mr/5 ssr 1 dupe Vyn) 120~130k CP $50

    Haven't cleared newest chapters and temples yet. Global R72 | 10 SSR 1 Dupe 120~130k CP for $50 Paypal USD - 3 Artem SSR - 2 Marius SSR Vyn main account o/ Discord: Gottvergessen Sense#9105