1. prestige high noon talon/enduring sword talon border

    pref low level, if u have no reps u agree to paypal goods and services.
  2. Buying Prestige Highnoon Talon/Enduring Sword Talon Border

    Either of that, pref low level if u have no rep then u agree to Goods and Services on paypal
  3. SOLD  1.000.000 Mastery Points Kayn - Prestige Skins - High Quality 130 Chroma

    Hi Selling this 1 Million Mastery Points Kayn Account Price : Offer - but dont lowball - Below 200€ for sure. Discord : Dannyy#9299 Accoutn has been in Diamond for multiple Seasons - Diamond Emotes - and Diamond/Master MMR on EUW RN. Skins : 1 Ultimate 5 Mythics 14 Legendaries 101 Epic 130...
  4. Buying  Enduring Sword Talon Border / Prestige HighNoon Talon

    Just looking for those dm me here or on discord. Dannyy#9299 no ultra stacked acc please, and low level is good aswell
  5. Buying  LF Prestige Highnoon Talon

    Yh just that, not looking for stacked Accs, just that Dannyy#9299
  6. S> Talon RO zennies at 2.5m/1USD (Negotiable if BULK)

    Hi! S>Talon RO Zennies at at 2.5m zennies = 1 USD! Price negiotable if Bulk buyer! I currenly have 400m on hand but am selling more stuff as I am making this thread! will probably get ~500m Payment Method: I accept GCASH/Crypto/Family and Friends Paypal Money first as I have already been...
  7. Buying  TalonRO Zenys or Items

    Im buying Zenys or Items like Kaho for TalonRO PM me.
  8. Selling  S>Talon RO 1 Billion Zeny 1$= 2m ,discord Tetora Fenelle#3539

    First come first serve, pm in discord for more details. Don't worry you will be safe ! :) Trusted and serious seller.
  9. B>talon RO zeny or gears

    B>zeny or gears for USD. I can use paypal. New to this website, I can use trade guardian if that makes someone more comfortable and is safer, not sure how it all works yet. message me on discord for a faster response, or message me on here. Discord Atticus#9296
  10. Buying  B> TalonRO Zeny

    Hi, I need at least 300m. Please pm me with your rate and mode of payment. Hi PH players, I also have a way to deal with local bank transfer. Discord: 13Going30#4718
  11. SOLD  Talon RO Zeny for sale

    Hello everyone, I'm selling a few hundred million Zeny on Talon Ragnarok private server. Price is 5m per $1.00 USD. PM for additional info.
  12. SOLD  $30 obo - Gold 1. 80% Win rate. Plat 5 MMR. 26 Champs, 9 Skins. Hand Leveled

    Hello, I would like to sell my Season 8 Gold 1 -- Season 7 Gold 4, North America League of Legends Account. For screenshots and specifics, visit this URL : https://imgur.com/a/C17Lwju Quick information is - 29 Champions - 9 Skins (Ft Victorious Graves, Bio Forge Darius, Dark Rider Sejuani...
  13. Selling  S> TalonRO Zeny 100m+ available

    sold tyvm
  14. Trading  S/T> Forsaken RO Gear to Your Talon RO token or gear

    Trading my ForsakenRO donated Gear with your TalonRO or willing to sell as well. Email me at [email protected]
  15. Selling  League of Legends Account $50 USD OBO

    Been playing since season 3, tired of the game. On purchase all ranked teams and friends will be deleted from the account. Champ pool, skins and champ info: http://imgur.com/ZebSD6j,GLyBmx1,zh0qmgS,2r5YPNw,n8lXDRp,M9mLumY,RmXkr2u,NovrGcC,cRvFwNg,ad4sUVX Only have those 3 skins: Kingpin...
  16. Selling  TalonRO zeny gears/zeny/tcs

    Selling all different kinds of gears/items/tcs. Pm me with your highest offer , demands, desired mode of payment/s. Thank you Looking forward to having patron/regular customer/s.