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swordsman gold

  1. Selling  Wts 1000 gold 40$ SHANG

    Selling 1000 gold for 40$ shang server 100% safe PayPal only (family friends) Pm on email : [email protected]
  2. Selling  Wts Great starter account lvl 80 20$ only

    Great Cheap starter account 20$ Save your time and money. Great for new players. ACCOUNT INFO -zephyr -lvl 80 -full 80 set every part have will + ten or will + con -moon weapon great roll health + ten + con + endo -best skill scrolls maxed -2 rings of valor lvl 75 great roll (con ten will)...
  3. Selling  WTS Zephyr lvl 80 BARGAIN

    Selling lvl 80 Zephyr account. Have -moon weapon -skill scrolls (best for zephyr ) -full set 80 every piece have willpower and con or ten -other good stuff in stash -lvl 3 gem BARGAIN 40$ ONLY PM [email protected] (paypal) I have also five venom lvl 80 have moon weapon ( similar stuff...
  4. Selling  Gold 300g/30$ shang amazing deal

    PM FAST 300g/30$ AMAZING DEAL FARMED GOLD 100% safe PAYPAL ONLYYY !!! pm on my mail: [email protected]
  5. Selling  Wts gold shang 100g/10$ amazing deal

    100g = 10$ sycee is 6s now so if you buy from site for 10$ you can buy 60g From me you can buy almost in 50% off 100000% safe farmed gold PAYPAL ONLY !!!! my email [email protected] pm AMAZING DEAL
  6. Selling  Wts zephyr lvl 80 shang

    Selling lvl 80 zephyr on SHANG 60$ lvl 80 maxed skill scroll study +5 best skills dash and boomerang same extra full set lvl 80 with will+ten maxed ring of valor lvl 75 x2 have all 3 (ten,con,will) 98-104 Lot stardust 500+ , 250 + x10 exp wooden gears 200+ 70 moon shards today(14.11.2016)...
  7. Five Venom account Claymore lvl91

    Selling account five venom lvl 91 Have sun weapon Have moon weapon Best skill scrolls and extras 45K ENDO atm with 80 set but have lot space for 60k+ easy paypal PRICE 85$ my mail : [email protected]
  8. Selling  CLAYMORE GOLD 100g/8$

    1000 % safe paypal 100g/8$ PM : [email protected]
  9. Selling  Claymore Gold 8$/100g

    every 100g/8$ 100% safe and discretely paypal email : [email protected]
  10. Selling  Claymore gold 1100g

    S>1100g> 65$ if u are buying from sites 1000g will cost you 100$ , buy from me 1100g for 65$. Pm me here if you are intrested.
  11. Selling  Gold in Claymore

    Selling gold in claymore pm me 50g 6$ good price. 1000 sycee is 50g and its cost 10$ if u buy from arc !!!!! I give in almost 50% off - - - Updated - - - my email is [email protected] if is anyone intrested