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sunwell nightbane

  1. Novica

    BOUGHT  TBC Druid lv70 - Warmane, Sunwell or Atlantiss

    I'm looking to buy a druid, level 70 - it can be located on any of the servers listed in the title. Preferably feral, but any spec will do. Any faction will do, so DW about that. If you're sellin' one, either post down below or send me a PM. *Make sure to include the asking price in your msg.
  2. C

    Selling  Sunwell / Nightbane / Warlock Undead 70 lvl (pre-Kara gear, mounts, gold...)

    Warlock 70 lvl (male/undead/horde) Nightbane TBC / Sunwell PvE gear - pre-Kara BiS or 2330+ gearscore (spell hit capped!) All items are gemmed and only two missing enchants* (missing enchants: bracers and chest) Also got epic cloak + trinket for Badges of Justice (BoJ) Professions -...
  3. LazyPeonFactory

    Selling  ⚡Dragonblight Pre-Order Elysium Nethergarde Netherwing Northdale Level Honor⚡

    ============================================================================================= UPDATE : 20th of December 2018 If you feel seller is ripping you off and asking too much money If you are not sure if your other seller is asking too much for leveling. ScreenShot...