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sunwell account

  1. yasusha_stark

    Selling  Sunwell, Nighbane [BIS Furry Warrior] Orc

    Server - Sunwell, Nightbane Class - Warrior ( Furry ) Level - 70 Race - Orc, male Proffesions - Mining 375, BS 375, First Aid 375 Mount - 100% ground, 280% Fly PVE Gear - 3000 GS PvE Furry. T5,T4, Belt from Lady Vashj, BiS axes from Blacksmithing. All Reputation Exalted. All Attunements...
  2. yasusha_stark

    Selling  Sunwell, Nightbane Retro Paladin PvP and PvE Gear.

    Server - Sunwell, Nightbane Class - Paladin (retro) Level - 70 Race - Blood Elf, female Proffesions - Mining 375, BS 375, First Aid 375 Mount - 100% ground, 60% Fly PVP Gear - 2700 Gear Score PVP gear, Set 1, Set 2 and High Warlord set, non-set pvp items( belt, wrist , waist ,rings, PVP trinket)...
  3. J

    Selling  Sunwell Nightbane Accounts for sale (Warrior, Mage, Druid, Warlock) + gold

    2 Accounts for sale. All acounts have recovery emails. Looking for quick sales, so prices are reasonable/cheap. Paypal + crypto accepted, will do discount for crypto payment. Discord: thri2#2354 Email: [email protected] 70 Gnome Male Mage (2650 GS) - Nightbane server 500 gold in bags...
  4. P

    Selling  Sunwell-Angrathar Accounts PvP/PvE geared Warrior, Priest, Hunter !!

    Hey, I'm selling few accounts on Sunwell-Angrathar server. Account1:Human Warrior Character info: Arms pvp spec comes with 4/5 rele main set and 1/5 WF with full pvp offset. 5.6k gs Fury pve spec 2/5 t10 icc+toc weapons, wfs+nes trinkets. 5.4k gs There is some tanking gear(including 2/5...
  5. N

    Selling  Lvl 70 Orc Shaman For Sale Raid Gear Ready. W/ E-mail Sunwell/Nightbane $70obo

    Selling a lvl 70 Orc Shaman with a lvl 17 warrior on the same account. Kara attuned. Full Enhancement geared blues and epics. W/ Epic 2 hander for PVP Flying Mount. Over 800g on both characters. Email included. $100 OBO. (Serious inquiries only) Message me on here or @ skype: Pallando The...
  6. S

    Selling  WTS Resto druid w/ pvp gear. Nightbane HORDE. lvl70 Sunwell nightbane

    WTS a lvl 70 resto druid from horde side. Low price. - Epic ground mount - All skills purchased - Cenarion exalted with mace in bank - ~500Gold - Transmute mastery Also has some PVE items. Like neck, belt, and shoulders. Account is on personal email. Contact me via Discord Rico Suave#8263...
  7. A

    Selling  WTS very geared human Warlock - Sunwell Nightbane

    Hello, I'm selling my Human Warlock on Nightbane Sunwell, email will of course be included. I'm the original owner. If you like to use middleman that's no problem as long as you pay for it, although I've some rep here on EpicNpc. Very good geared for both PvE and PvP. Spellstrike, boots of...
  8. J

    WTS Sunwell Nightbane Top Troll Hunter

    Sunwell Nightbane Troll Hunter level 70 Selling a perfectly geared hunter to start raiding at T5 level or to dominate PvP. Can pull high DPS numbers easily with BM spec in raids. The account is registered to an personal e-mail. Professions: Leatherworking 346/375 Skinning 375/375 PvE Gear...
  9. K

    WTS wow nightbane 2.4.3 warlock horde

    WTS My warlock undead on sunwell.pl (nightbane 2.4.3) Lock have ssc tk kz atthune have all revered/exhalted reps. Warlock have 3/5 t4 and tailor craft chest Professions: Herbalism 375. Tailoring 375 Riding have fast ground and slow fly Pm me for more info
  10. C

    Selling  Sunwell / Nightbane / Warlock Undead 70 lvl (pre-Kara gear, mounts, gold...)

    Warlock 70 lvl (male/undead/horde) Nightbane TBC / Sunwell PvE gear - pre-Kara BiS or 2330+ gearscore (spell hit capped!) All items are gemmed and only two missing enchants* (missing enchants: bracers and chest) Also got epic cloak + trinket for Badges of Justice (BoJ) Professions -...
  11. LazyPeonFactory

    Selling  ⚡Dragonblight Pre-Order Elysium Nethergarde Netherwing Northdale Level Honor⚡

    ============================================================================================= UPDATE : 20th of December 2018 If you feel seller is ripping you off and asking too much money If you are not sure if your other seller is asking too much for leveling. ScreenShot...