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spec teneb

  1. SOLD  Global Starter 10-10⭐Ml Kawerik Ml Krau Fairytenebria Ml select⭐unverif cn on

    Server Global Rank 31 | 10-10 Change Name ON Stove Unverified/Unlinked ML*5 : Mediator Kawerik + Last Rider Krau + Ml Selective ML*4 : FS. Tieria, F. Maya, A. Cartuja, GC Khawana, K. Clarissa, BB Karin, RW Leo, A. Lots, SS Achates RGB *5 : 17*5 Units Limited : Riza Hawkeye FMA, Fairytail...
  2. Selling  Mid Game Account

    Selling my mid game account images contain all notable heroes. 50 Euros for any information Discord me: Takablem#9591
  3. SOLD  [GLB] Highend ml7 Straze, Lilias, Riolet, Apoc, Teneb, Chloe auto w13unverfied

    Account is UNVERIFIED - meaning you can link to you account Moonlight 5** Game is a high end lots of Meta units, specially this season we will get a limited M.Chloe skin. still on world 3-1 lots of resources to farm and finish, lots of resources. can run wyvern 12 in less than 2 mins! 98%...