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soultide acc

  1. SOLD  Endgame account , All dolls, 75k crystal, 440k power , tons of verve's RM 150

    Story at 8-4 Asuna is married . Still have 1 more ring left in depot . All frames except for skin frames . Pm or Dm me for more details if you want . Discord : Darkoptheking#4318 Payment method : Touch n go ewallet You go first
  2. Selling  Midgame 13 SSR w Monthly pass ON | $12

    As title states, looking to sell midgame acc with top tier units! Story at 2-5! Monthly pass on! Find me on discord @Zalx#5511
  3. SOLD  Level 30 Full Top Tier Dolls 5-4 14k Crystal 15Dolls 19SSR Verves | $35

    Account level: 34 Login dummy gmail (will provide all email information) Crystal: 14386 Story 5-4 Monthly Pass: ON Lunar/Astral card: 32/20 Only used free tickets for pulling banners Haven't claimed 20Astral from Trainee page CP: 153k Mostly bond level 6 except level 10 on Colcher and Gawana...
  4. SOLD  Starter Soultide (Akaset+Colcher)

    Story 1-1 Log guest Price : 8$ Paypal Discord : Avi Syaiful#1244
  5. SOLD  global soul tide starter acc

    MY DC iyan#1600 all paymen use wise/paypal/USD/BUSD Acc 04 - satya, minerdwen, MAPS -1-2 price 8$ Acc I.01 - AURORA, MINERDEW, MAKO , MAPS 1-2 price 15$ Acc I.01 - AURORA, SATYA, COLCHER , MAPS 1-2 HAVE 8 CARD SUMON price 15$ (SOLD) Acc I.04 - mako - colcher $10