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  1. Sk40 Shaak Ti and an Awakened Jabba FS

    FS: Evomax SK40 Shaak ti 8/15 Awakened Jabba I would really like to sell these cards so please make an offer on either of them and I will get back to you
  2. Selling  $300 SWFC ACCOUNT FOR SALE - lvl90 class 11

    Line ID: sheldork 5* Aurra Sing Qui Gon Jin (Old) x2 Darth Maul (Old) C3PO & R2D2 (May 4th) x 11 Shaak Ti sk1 Dooku (Old) 4/7 EvoMax x2 General grievous Last Stand 4/7 EvoMax Grand Moff Tarkin sk1 Darth Vader Cloud City sk1 Darth Vader [Galactic Terror] 4/7 EvoMax sk40 x2 Darth Vader [Galactic...
  3. Selling  5* cards and 3*/4* skill cards. For sale.

    5* emax: Yoda rg 4/7 sk40 x2 ($290 for both or $150 each) Obi jm sk40 4/7 ($80) Loto sk40 4/7 (£75) ($400 for all of the above.) Obi pad 8/15 (SOLD) Exile 4/7 x2 ($45 each or $80 both) $475 for all not sold above and I'll add free sk40 4/7 Mundi to deal. 5* bases: leia snipe sk1 Trh...
  4. Selling  5*, sk40s cards.

    Want to sell the following cards sk40s: LS Senator Palpatine 4/7 ~ $60 Clone Commander Thire 4/7 ~ $50 Clone Commander Appo 4/7 ~ $50 5* Bases: Boba TRH ~ $12 Obi Valcaryl Calvary ~ $12 Obi Padawan ~ $10 Payment Method: Paypal verified E-mail PM if you are interested. Price can be negotiated.
  5. Selling  Vader the dark usurper 4/7 sk40

    Selling my new Vader the dark usurper *5 I emaxed from 4 bases 7 times and skilled to 40 right now I'm looking for offers for him email me for me to get in touch with you sooner at [email protected] for more negotiating.