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sino alice global

  1. Selling  [Global] Sinoalice 407K Sorc Account $45

    407k sorc grid with attack focus having 2UR Tomes 181 classes as of making this post Has def tomes in case you want to make it more balanced. Has few Instruments for a 15-5 Sorcmin build. Account has multiple classes from the following collabs: Kakegurui Tensura, Rozen Maiden, Re Zero, Final...
  2. SOLD  475K+ HMN Crusher 161K+ patk $500 or best offer

    475k+ HMN Crusher 161k+ patk Multiple UR Hammers, 150k Patk ST farm grid 101k Matk ST farm grid. Almost Quadflex, could be with the Spears I have. There's also a semi functional Sorc grid. Message me if you'd like to see detailed grids on Discord: V1C4R10U5#9392
  3. Selling  Global crusher with Dryas and Loiza 346k 98.6k Patk 30$USD Paypal

    Selling My account. Day 1. Only Paypal. Secondary paladin with 88.9k Matk 337k total. Many premium clases. More than 100 premium skip tickets. 5 LL weapons un crusher. Full crusher bonus clases. DM for more info.
  4. SOLD  Day one Crusher Account CC: 398.744 HP: 101.833 PATK:128.539 200$

    Crusher HP: 101.833 PATK:128.539 cc: 398.744 Breaker: HP:100.633 PTAK: 124.628 CC: 390.445 2 UR Weapons: 1 sword 1 hammer. MLB Rikone axe MLB Dryass hammer 200$ PrinnyWeiss#3811
  5. Selling  515k QUAD FLEX Vanguard

    Account has UR weps, MLB Paid nms, Fully functioning conquest grids, etc... Should be in a good shape for a long, long time. Open to offers. If you'd like more information, please Message me here and I can send you any info you'd need.
  6. SOLD  GLOBAL Rearguard account | Sorc Rank 217 | 375.811 CP | 50$

    Day 1 account 375k Sorc - Very well optimized Hybrid Sorc/Min well optimized. top 60 account. Comes with 5654 TCs 50$ PrinnyWeiss#3811
  7. SOLD  GLOBAL vanguard account | Crusher: 405,038 CP | 300$

    CRUSHER: 405.038 CP | 133.242 PATK | 102.883 HP DISADVANTAGE CRUSHER: 404.203 CP | 133.192 PATK | 102.883 HP BREAKER + UR: 396.521 CP | 128.921 PATK | 98.904 HP MLB Poppy axe, Mlb Rikone axe, MLB dryas axe 2 disadvantage weapons 2 UR heavy weapons, 1...
  8. BOUGHT  Looking for SINOALICE VG acc. 400k+p.

    Looking for a vanguard SINOALICE account. Must: -Over 130+ main stat -UR AoE weapon -Paid NMs -over 100k HP-Single target breaker flex -DC3 weapons -Disadvantage weapons MLB Preferably: -Crusher -AoN weapons -UR Single target weapon. -With Kagekuri MLB poppy weapon. pls dm PrinnyWeiss#3811
  9. Selling  390k paladin 130k matk -500$

    I lost interest in the game and i am trying to sell my account. I dont made a combo grid due to my guild dont needing it. I am sure i have a couple of combo weapons lying arround.