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shenhe + mona

  1. Selling  Ayaka c3r2, zhongli c0, itto c0, yoimiya+bis, shenhe c0

    Contact: Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/khanh.chuquoc.716?mibextid=ZbWKwL
  2. Selling  AR 57 5*10 Ayaka C1 + Shenhe Mona | Zhongli + Itto + Albedo C1 and much more!

    AR 57 (Give me your offer) Pity in standard banner: 10 Pity in limited banner: 42 (Guaranteed Character) Sumeru unexplored 10 Pulls or more! Characters: Diluc c3 | Albedo c1 | Ayaka c1 | Gorou c5 | Ningguang c6 | Bennet c5 | Noelle c5 | Sucrose c6 | Diona c6 | Fischl c6 | Xinqgiu c1 | Chongyun...
  3. Selling  Genshin impact NA Accounts

    Selling this account! (NA/EU) Looking for at least $30 Has Mona Shenhe Qiqi Mona Kazuha Dm me on discord for more info!
  4. SOLD  [EU] AR54 - 13x5* characters + Amos Bow, Cheap price

    Hello, I don't have the time and need money so i sell my GI account Payement with paypal PM on discord or here : Rudd Sequoia#5060 Price : 55€
  5. Selling  Personal account 20 ★ 57 AR. 75$ crypto

    Personal Account First owner No bounds, except PSN. All content is done Characters Weapon⭐ Double bonuses on primogem packs⭐ You can ask me for more details
  6. Selling  56|24x5|Shenhe, Ganyu, Eula, Childe, Kazuha, MORE

    Discord: Mart#1212 Instagram: orvruinedmylife [contact me here for questions] PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE!!! Paypal only. NA account All explored but chasm. Has welkin - pity is 48. 50/50 Female traveler Shenhe C1 + bis Ganyu Eula Childe Hu tao Yoimiya Raiden Shogun C1 Kazuha C1 Diluc c2 Keqing Qiqi...
  7. Selling  49 AR | Albedo, Shenhe, Diluc, Mona, Jean, Qiqi, Aquila Favonia

    CHEAP PRICE Contact me if you are interested! My discord: rozendie.#3948 F2P Account with NO Binds! 49 AR | Albedo, Shenhe, Diluc, Mona, Jean, Qiqi, Aquila Favonia 5⭐️p: Albedo, Shen he, Diluc, Mona, Jean, Qi qi 5⭐️w: Aquila Favonia
  8. SOLD  2x5 ⭐ shenhe + mona -> no birthday set

    2x5 ⭐ SHENHE + MONA + Gorou C1 NA (America Server) AR 13 -> NO BDAY SET I WILL ANSWER ONLY SERIOUS BUYERS. Ignoring trolls and low balls. PRICE: CHEAP!!! Payment method: wise or cryptocurrency (BUSD or BNB on Binance or Metamask) or paypal