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selling obey me account

  1. SOLD  Late game obey me! account lvl 187 50$ usd

    Unfortunately I don't have time anymore to manage it so I'm selling my om personal acc it's lvl 187 right now with 499 dps, 200k grimm and 7 dvs... In total 503 demon cards with 82 SSR and 55 UR which 15 of them are UR+ with 5 having moving pictures, the majority of the UR+ are lvl 100 (some...
  2. SOLD  (Updated) Selling my personal Obey Me account (level 200)

    Hi! I'm looking to sell my personal Obey Me account as I'm having a few financial issues and figured RL is more important than the game at the moment. A lot of love, time and effort has gone into this, so I'm ideally seeking around £120 (which is around 156 USD) but I'm open to offers. PayPal...