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selling lol acc

  1. Selling  Lvl72|Gold 1|39 champ|12 skin

    price: 45$ skins: god staff jax temple jax jaximus soulstealer vladimir red riding annie skt t1 olaf etc payment methods: only paypal contact email: [email protected]
  2. Selling League of Legends NA Account (read desc for details)

    The account has every champion except 7 (Zoe, Ornn, Illaoi, Skarner, Yorick, Rumble, Swain) It also has 173 skins (all kinds except the mythic ones) 16 rune pages Was a Plat 2 last season Anymore detail needed just msg me Thanks Accepting Middleman (not paying for it tho)
  3. Selling  !selling gold account / 131 champions / 22389 be/ 8 rune pages / hextech annie

    I got tired of this game after many years playing it, i'm willing to sell it around 90€ (negotiable) Rankings : Bronze (Season 3) Gold (Season 4, 5 and 7) Platinium (Season 6) Champions : 131 Skins : 15 (including Hextech Annie and 2 legendary skins) Mastery point : 318 Blue essence : 22389...
  4. Buying an EUW acc at least S3

    Hi, as you saw the title i'm buying a league account for maximum 75 USD. Please contact me: paulius20032003 on skype! :)
  5. Selling LoL account

    So I`m selling LoL account Eu east nordick, selling it for CS:GO skins, better for knife. Silver 2 with good Win steak, On profile 3430 IP 669 RP 62 champions Skins, Enchanted Galio, High command Katarina, Full Metal Rammus, Dragon Blade Riven(unavailable skin), High Noon Yasuo, Riot Girl...
  6. Selling  Selling 2012 aged acc Plat 2 S5/ Plat 1 S/ all champs/102 skins/non-obtainable icons

    Selling 2012 aged acc Plat 2 S5/ Plat 1 S/ all champs/102 skins/non-obtainable icons Hello, I'd like to sell my end of season 1 aged account. It has a total of 102 skins rated 909,405 score by Elophant, alot of summoner icons since 2012 for instance from Halloween, Xmas ects. I ended Season 4...
  7. selling my leuge of legends account, for money or cs go skins.

    selling my leuge of legends account for money i also accept skins on cs go for it. havent played on it in 2 months and i have a really good mmr i was gold 1 and had a mmr beetwen plat 2 and diamond 5. also have alot of skins on it, like pharo amumu, little knight amumu, prom queen annie...