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selling infinity kingdom

  1. Selling  C46 - Water 250k Fire 165k (VIP 10) - 30 Portals (Please read the content)

    PLEASE READ This account is linked to my FB, Google, Yahoo, and Apple. HOWEVER, REST ASSURED THAT I WON'T LOG IT IN BECAUSE I REALLY WANT TO QUIT THE GAME AND I DON'T HAVE TIME TO PLAY IT ANYMORE. Send me a DM for your offers. Highest Power 1.3M C46 •VIP 10 • Water - 250k Dragon Lv. 41...
  2. Selling  C45 - Water 235k (Nearly VIP 10) $250

    Highest Power 1.3M C45 • Water - 235k Dragon Lv. 39 (Upgrading to 40) • Fire - 158k Dragon Lv. 36 • 11k gems • 13 portals (currently collecting) • Pirate castle skin (Bon Voyage) • GT arcade linked PLEASE DM ME for more screenshots.
  3. SOLD  IK account for sale C45, 243k water under 1 mil power, port to any world $400

    Original owner of account but need to step away from game. C45 castle with some T6 and more being added currently. Total power as always been below 1 mil so you are free to jump to any kingdom that is one season 2 or higher (have 20 plus portals). Or you can stay on the current kingdom and grow...