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  1. SOLD  4ML (Dlilbet+Ken+Luluca+sba+Arby) + Rimuru dizzy baiken Ssb $60

    Global Server Unverified Stove Email ChangeName Price: $60 Payment Via Paypal USD F&F Only If using MM buyer pays fee PM here or Discord: Jenzz#9965 Ml5 SBA Dlilbet Ken Luluca Arby (Blessing) Limiteds Sol Holiday Yufine Seaside Bellona Dizzy Rimuru Baiken Many 5* Units Story Ep 2 Chapter 5...
  2. SOLD  global | 4 hot buffed ml5 ARavi DLilibet SBAra ml blessing 20k skystones

    Account details Moonlight 5: - Apocalypse Ravi - Designer Lilibet - Silver Blade Aramintha - Moonlight Blessing Limited: - Cerise - All Guilty Gear Heroes 17k skystones Account is lunverified stove with changeable name Story up to Chapter 2 Episode 5, side episodes not done yet. There are...