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raiden shogun c2

  1. [EU] AR54 account with Raiden C2 with BiS and Yelan with BiS & more

    CHEAP EU AR54 account with Raiden Shogun (C2) and her signature + Yelan and her Signature Sumeru barely touched and Fontaine UNTOUCHED. 5 STAR: Yelan C0 Lv80 + Aqua Simulacra Lv90 Raiden Shogun C2 Lv90 + Engulfing Lightning Lv90 Ganyu C0 Lv85 Eula C0 Lv80 Hu Tao C0 Lv 80 Kujou Sara C6 Mona C0...
  2. Selling  60$ NA | AR 58 | C2 Raiden Shogun Genshin Account

    Selling since I no longer have the time to play the game. Want $60 since it's what I've spent in the game. Lots of 5 star characters, not so many 5 star weapons. Tied to a gmail account, which I will provide.
  3. Selling  Asia AR57 27 5⭐C3 Raiden, C1 Kazuha, C1 Keqing, C1 Mona (paypal negotiable)

    AR 57 5 Stars: Raiden Shogun C3 Kazuha C1 Keqing C1 Mona C1 Diluc C1 Alhaitham C0 Nahida C0 Ayato C0 Ayaka C0 Hu Tao C0 Zhongli C0 Childe C0 Venti C0 Qiqi C0 4 Stars: Kujou Sara C6 Razor C6 Xiangling C6 Sucrose C6 Rosaria C6 Yanfei C6 Noelle C6 Diona C6 Barbara C6 Sayu C6 Gorou C5 Xinqiu C4...
  4. Selling  Asia AR57 5k PHP (Negotiable)

    ASIA AR 57 SUMERU LOCKED - FIRST OWNER Birthday Set MOD: GCASH - PAYPAL RFS: Quitting BUYER SHOULDERS FEE [Characters] 5* Raiden Shogun c2 Zhongli Ganyu Yelan Hu Tao Itto Keqing C1 Jean Mona Diluc C2 Qiqi 4* Bennet C1 Ningguang C1 Kujou Sara C6 Noelle C5 Xiangling C6 Rosaria C3 Diona C3...
  5. SOLD  $140 AR58 Mini-whale Raiden C2, Diluc C3, Albedo C1, Klee,and more,weapons 5⭐

    ➤ Adventure Rank: 58 ➤ Traveler: Lumine ✦ Characters 5⭐: Raiden Shogun C2, Albedo C1, Xiao, Zhongli, Tartaglia, Klee, Diluc C3, Mona C2, Jean, Keqing C1, Qiqi ✦ Weapons 5 ⭐: Engulfing Lightning, Amos' bow x2, Staff of Homa, Mistsplitter Reforged, Skyward Ward Contact me if you are...
  6. Raiden Shogun C2 + Engulfing Lighting

    Asia Server AR 34 Raiden Shogun C2 + Engulfing Lighting Sara C4 Bennet C0 Xiangling C0 Xinqiu C1 Inazuma Open Login Mihoyo/Email BD Unset MC Lumine All Pity Reset Price 45$ Discord : zevacha#0406