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raiden + ayato

  1. SOLD  AR42 | 5x5ā­ Venti, Raiden, Ayato, Qiqi Unset user $15šŸ”„

    MC: Aether Login: Unlinked Username BD: Set Active Welkin Lost receipt but no problem so far 2x Top-up bonuses still available Banner: EB: 16/90 (not guaranteed) Weapon: 0/90 Payment via PayPal FnF (Fee on buyer)
  2. Trading  C6 AYAKA 81x5* AR 59 EU

    AR 59 EU SERVER Ayaka C6 + Mistspliter Reforged Ayato + Haran Geppaku Futsu Shenhe + Calamity Queller Xiao C2 + Primordial Jade Winged Spear R5 Raiden C3 + Engulfing Lightning Eula C1 + Song of Broken Pines Hu Tao C1 + Staff of Homa R3 Yae Miko + Kagura's Variety Yoimiya + Thundering Pulse...
  3. Trading  TRADED

    ar 43 (NA) raiden ayato jean diluc NO 5 STAR WEAPONS 2 fragiles noteable 4 stars: c4 yunjin, c4 xiangling, c2 sucrose, c1 sara, c0 bennett decent amount of quests, low exploration, builds arent the best no primos saved pity across all banners: event - 8 weapon - 0 standard - 31 has username...
  4. Selling  AR7 starter double 5stars Raiden/Zhongli/Hutao/Yelan šŸŒø

    Hi there, I am Saber_Dc, seller of some gacha games, I'm here to sell some starter Genshin account double 5 stars so don't hesitate to message me here or my Discord, I'll be happy to serve you ^^ All my account only have usernam + password because created from 1.0 version so no need to use email...