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pvp dk

  1. Selling  Selling Multi BiS Warmane Icecrown Acc

    Hi their, I´m selling my Acc on Warmane Icecrown Acc has: Protection paladin multi BiS PvE / Retribution 6.4 PvE + 4/5 bis pvp (only hands missing) engi+juwe Unholy DK bis PvP / Blood dk bis PvE (no sm but is at shards quest) engi+juwe Hunter BiS PvE + bis pvp shoulders engi+tailor Druid bis...
  2. SOLD  [DK-Skyfury Horde Orc PVP 70] Full Brutal Gladiator

    For more information pm me directly, leave a comment or add me on Discord: Zhafirox#5221 Always confirm with me on forums also Status: AVAILABLE Class: Death Knight Server: Skyfury PvP / Server Transfer UP Race:Orc Mount: 100% Flying Speed: 150% Boost Available Dual Specialization Warlock...
  3. Buying  WTB Icecrown BIS PVP DK

    Hi I'm looking for a bis pvp uh Dk on warmane icecrown (with sm and bis pve offset) contact me here or on discord ( Nameless#3909 )