1. Selling  NA Account Including many rare monsters

    Puzzle and Dragons Account Ranked 587 Playing over a year Account includes leads like Revo Kushinada, Aizen, Myr, Dark Athena, Julie, and much more!!! Selling the account for $200 but negotiable Contact me for the offer [email protected] Only accept paypal https://imgur.com/a/AWPDa
  2. SOLD  NA Low End Mid Level Account

    NOW ONLY $10!!!! Box picture: http://imgur.com/a/xy6B0 Price: $10, AND willing to negotiate! MUST SELL ASAP! Payment: Paypal only, and the buyer must go first Includes: DQXQ Uriel Minerva Baldin Chiyome Sumire Bridal Hera Meimei Bastet Freyja (regular and christmas) Mini Wukong Venus Pandora...
  3. Selling  CHEAP level 129 25+ good monsters!

    Looking to sell it for $50 in Itunes or Riot points! fast and easy trade ^-^ 58k MP, 14 tamadra in inbox, lots of evo materials! LineID: Usagi-chi (faster than email) E-mail: [email protected]
  4. PaD Rank 122 NA account With known PaD streamers.

    i no longer need my NA account Rank 122... Selling it for 50$ or best offer. have an questions hit me up on skype - theonlyzJme
  5. Selling PAD ACCOUNT lol 189

    I'm really busy with school and I also need a computer/laptop really bad so I need some money. I've work hard on this account and I've spent a total of 224$(not counting tax) on this account. It's actually kinda sad letting this account go, but I really don't have the time for it. I have some...