1. Selling  55k account Evo Pd8/10 Evo Vlad, Santa, gholum,cupid, trixie,reaper, tree reve

    55k might account for cheep, 6 hero bases 8/10 4/5 zerk pd, main heroes all at at least 7/10 with good talents (pd,gholum,vlad,cupid,trixie,santa) plenty of HB and soooo many legends 64 to be exact:)
  2. Selling  Castle Clash Android/US with PD, Cupid, Skull Knight...

    Selling my Account because I dont play anymore. Daten: Name:Level:Skilllevel:Talent -Druid 180 6/10 5/8 Bulwark -PD 180 8/10 3/8 Lifedrain -Cupid 160 8/10 5/5 Revive -SkullKnight 180 6/10 5/5 Enlighten -Immortep 180 6/10 6/8 Wargod -Orksbane 5/10 3/8 Revive -Succubus 140 3/10 3/8 Heavy Blow...
  3. Castle clash android high might account with almost all heroes

    I am selling my main cc account with all heroes except warlock and pixie. This account has 121k might. 800 gems. 900k honor badges and 2k shards. 1.5 million blue crystals in lr and main heroes inscribed to 90. If you are interested in buying this account email me at [email protected] or...
  4. My account to your moltanica starter account (ANDROID)

    My account has pd+cupid+santaboom+pixie+deathknight+warlock and shardable heroes android account. You can email me at [email protected] or pm me here Reason for trading: i really want to try moltanica
  5. Castle clash android account with pd, cupid and destroyer

    I am selling a castle clash account with Destroyer, pd, cupid, orksbane, molt, vlad, santa, death knight, mino . 112k might Paypal only. Contact me by email @[email protected] or on line at juliashacc Thanks!
  6. Selling  87k+ Might, Devastator, android, $500

    $500, Android. Pm line: brookwin You will be going first, I have vouchers from other sites. Almost everything is lvl 20 besides mines.