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pso2jp sell meseta

  1. Selling  pso2jp ship2 ur 500M MESETAS (offer) 0.18$ x 1m

    Hello people, as the title says, I sell 500m of plateaus, they are on sale, I had a time without selling for having retired but vice always calls. reliable (as always) Price: $ 75 Payment: Paypal Discord: SkillxD#1240 mail: [email protected] Contact me if you have any questions and you can...
  2. Selling  Selling meseta 200m pso2 jp ship 2 @0.60$

    Selling Meseta Stock 200m Price : 0.60$/m. Affix boost week is comiiiiing ~ Payment only via paypal Contact : -discord : ciput#7873 -skype : Ciput Chi
  3. SOLD  Meseta PSO2JP Ship2 Ur - $0.9 = 1m

    Current Stock 80m Price : $0.9/1m (transfer via shop, i'll pay the tax) Accept Payment via PayPal / BRI (Indonesian Bank) If you interest you can contact me on discord / line Discord : Acht#8881 Line : akioxp
  4. Selling  Meseta PSO2 JP Ship 2 Ur | 1M = $0.8

    Current buyable stocks: 106m Contact me via: Discord: Hei#9173 (not so actively online, answer might take a while) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/V1ktorReznov (recommend use as actively online, answer almost immediately) Gmail: [email protected] (actively using, answer within the...
  5. Selling  Sell Meseta PSO2 JP Ship 2 Ur | 0.70$-1m

    Selling Meseta PSO 2 JP Ship 2 Ur Price : $0.70/1M Payment : Paypal Contact me: [email protected] Stock : 110M (11/06/2017)
  6. Selling  PSO2 JP Ship 2 Ur Mesetas

    Price : $1 / 1.5M Payment : Paypal Contact me : [email protected] / facebook.com/Hediii.Camacaro Stock : 120M (12/15/2016)
  7. Selling  PSO2 Meseta Shop [ Ship 2 ]

    Hello, Im Selling Meseta and Items on PSO2 for paypal $ :cool: ALWAYS Check Current Rate , Stock and Promo on First Post ! :cool: ----------------- PSO2 Meseta Shop ----------------- Current Rate is : $3 / Mil Current Stock : 0 Mil Current Promo : - If you want to reserve meseta , please PM...