1. Selling  WTS PP AND SE 46 Talking Island

    WTS PP And Se 46, talking island server.. no haste , empo lvl 3... waiting for offers =)
  2. WTS: Talking Island 66 HawkEye fully geared , prophet, BD, Bishop, Scav,Smith

    All Toons on Seperate Accounts!!!! Selling lvl 66 HE, Doom Light Armor, Full C Grade Jeweld, +6 C grade Noble Elven Bow. 56 Prophet with Haste and DW, Karm set, D/C Jewels , D Mace 54 Bishop, Top D Armor, High end D mace, 53 BD , Top D Duals, D Jewels, D Armor. scavanger and smith50+...
  3. WTB 52+ (PP) Prophet NA - Talking Island

    As title says looking for 52+ prophet With or without gear with dw or without of course the price will be determined by what the account has! thanks
  4. Selling  Wts skelth items/chars (sorc, ee, se, pp, bd, sws, necro)

    Hello, i am currently selling the following chars/items on Innova's Skelth classic server: Necromancer Lv 51, CDL, Silence, Anchor Learned. +12 Wit - 85 eur Blade Dancer Lv. 53 (81%) +12 STR - 85 eur Sword Singer Lv. 53 (82%) +8 STR - 75 eur Sorcerer Lv. 53 (33%) +12 Wit - 85 eur...
  5. l2classic club - Chars adena

    WTS - level 60 glad full bw heavy +4 sls - level 60 pp devine set - level 59 sws C gear - level 49 BH C gear - level 48 HE C gear ( no bow ) - Adena Make me a offer on any of these characters or for some adena I have lots available
  6. Selling  Selling Prophet Lvl 82 + other Chars

    Sacred Grace Hat +15 Sacred Grace Vestment +15 Sacred Grace Slacks +15 Sacred Grace Boots +15 Sacred Grace Gloves +15 Blessed Realm of Eternity +17 Death Spectral Hammer Mana Drain Otherworld - Breakthrough +15 Will Arctic King - Fang of Light +15 Will Godly Kings Death Relic...
  7. Selling  17k Might, 8600+ gems, Thunder God, Paladin, Immortep, Ninja, Prophet, Succubus, Champion

    17k Might, 8600+ gems, Thunder God, Paladin, Immortep, Ninja, Prophet, Succubus, Champion I want just 20 $ for my account via Webmoney. You pay midman's fee. Do not waste my time if you try to scam me. Contacts: Kik: Teesoon Line: nooox_dh I will not go first if you want to make deal...
  8. BOUGHT  Dragons Prophet EU Or NA Account

    Account Purchased!
  9. SOLD  Dragon's Propet Account Oracle 102 - Jorbyn server

    Want to selling Jorbyn oracle 102 lvl with 35 farm alts (21+ lvl) all in same account. Character description: - 102 lvl Oracle with 4 with pvp/pve builds, 4 Mastery set bookmarks unlocked -Dragon Lair , stable, bank and bag slots all unlocked, for some alts too. - 3x Thandrea sets, - full...