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primeval warrior

  1. Buying  Buying TF2 account with Primeval Warrior

    Hello all! I'm relatively new to buying steam accounts, so I'm mostly just looking for a price quote as well as a seller. I'm looking for a steam account built specifically for TF2, with a few specifications. 1. Premium TF2 + Unlimited Steam is absolutely required. 2. Primeval Warrior is...
  2. Buying  Buying Steam account with Primeval Warrior Badge

    Must be clear of any VAC Ban Doesn't matter which games, how many items it has, how many years old (though I'll be willing to pay extra for an account of over 13yrs) Can pay with either BTC or Paypal More than willing to go first if your rep precedes you! Leave a reply, private message me or...
  3. Selling  Primeval Warrior 8 Year old Steam Account!

    This steam account was my personal account. Has Primeval Warrior for TF2 as well as Cheater's Lament. It does have a VAC ban and I think it's in CS:GO. Friend said he put a 'fps counter' on there. Right. I didn't play the game anyway. https://steamdb.info/calculator/76561197992777086/?cc=us...
  4. Buying Primeval Warrior Steam account

    I would like to buy a Steam account with the TF2 item, the Primeval Warrior in it. If you have a Steam account with this item, I am willing to pay whatever price you wish (within reason). To contact me about this please email, [email protected]