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  1. Selling  Another Eden Acc mid range a lot of top units 45€

    Handmade account, selling it mainly due to lack of time and money. Got good chars, decent weapons and a lot of stuff left to do, so you can grind those CS how you like, since while playing 95% of my focus was story. Looking for around 120€ negotiable, PayPal only. Discord: Platypus#0852
  2. SOLD  [Japan] semi-fresh account with Eva + Flammelapis + Pizzica among others $25

    Account on the Japanese server/client (!). Price: $25 Payment via PayPal F&F. Contact me here or on Discord (Joel#1267) if you are interested or have any further questions. Main story cleared up to last chapter of Ogre Wars. Symphonies and Mythos untouched. Episodes only Two Knights fully...