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obey me! sell

  1. SOLD  Lucifer Account lvl 176, UR+28,UR 50

    -Lvl 176 -Normal Lessons 75/ Hard Lessons 36 -UR+ 28 -UR 50 -Some UR/UR+ have multiple copies which are not included in the previous card count -SSR 84 -710 keys for devilgram -Lucifer has 3 L2D backgrounds and Diavolo 1 L2D background -122 Devil Points -46 Demon Voucher -313,065 grimm -plenty...
  2. Selling  Good Starters Obey me Acc! Apple gift card 15 euros

    Once the gift card goes through, i'll send you the transfer data info, and delete the game from my phone. Not connected to apple or Facebook. Lvl 26 (23%) 4 UR+, 19 UR Memory: 3 UR, 8 SSR No VIP or other deals purchased Discord if interested: karma's nugget#0707
  3. SOLD  Selling an Obey me! Account. (Pretty good for a starter maybe?)

    Hi! I'm thinking about selling my Obey Me! Account since I don't play it anymore. It's pretty good for a starter I think. Hmu on discord (! deianira#9570) if you're interested and I'll send the details of the acc! I can sell it for a low price.