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  1. Selling  Nu Carnival 8 SSR, 2 Olivine, 2 Kuya, 1 Dante, 1 Yakumo, 1 Quincy

    1* Olivine Radiant Admiral 1* Olivine Silver Confessor 2* Dante Infernal Treatymaker 2* Quincy Ancient Ceremony 1* Kuya Kitsune Dream 1* Kuya Fallen Leaves 1* Yakumo Homecoming 1* Blade Explosive Recall Accept Wise / Paypal Discord : neko_hime. Price : 35$
  2. SOLD  ACC|LVL 60|13 SSR โ˜†|35$

    SSR: Olivine *3 Quincy *2 Kuya *2 Garu Garu Endless Banquet Garu Howling Cyclone Dante Olivine Radiant Admiral *2 Blade Idol Apprentice *2 Edmond Sweet Aroma Yakumo Crimson Phantom Blade Crystal Awakening Kuya Afternoon Daze Have all sr-n Story 12-14 Login:I use the linked e-mail but you can...
  3. NuCarnival Rank 44 6SSR/3Limited

    AR 44 Gems : 430 Scrolls : 8 pink gems : 4 Story CH 8-11 Price : 15USD payment via paypal friends Text here or on discord : monsterfucker_69
  4. Buying  Account with all of Olivine's SSRs

    Hello, I'm looking for an account that has all of Olivine's SSRs. Payment can be by PayPal and we can discuss the price. Thanks!
  5. SOLD  Lv 60 22 SSR $40 (til mid Jan)

    Hello, selling because I'm busy and can't play as much anymore (played this as an alt). Lv 60, cleared most chapters. QUICKSELL- Price lowered till end of month $40 wise or paypal. Pm me to talk/negotiate @ Jesaaa#0196 on discord. Will provide email as well Cheerio! Pic of chars
  6. SOLD  8 SSR Triple Olivine (3 lim Oli/Oli/Garu) $20 (negotiable)

    Lv 53 Chapter progress 7-15 First purchase (1 x 10 contract) bonus untouched SSR: - 2โ˜† Spring Oli - 2โ˜† Endless Banquet Garu - 2 โ˜† Quincy - Oli - Idol Olivine Items of note 1 x Crystal core 1 x Raw crystal Keys- fire (1), water (3), wood (2), light (1) 1391 memory crystal Note: I'll be...
  7. NuCarnival Great Account | Lv60 | Massive Power Lvl | 500 contracts

    Hello! Selling this NuCarnival great account cause I don't have time to play anymore. This is massive power level account, focused on being a competitive and strong account, ready to every challenge in game. Power Level: 164.066 Sorcerer's Mojo Lvl 7 101K gems 334 contracts (total 500 pulls...
  8. Selling  Nu Carnival Lvl 54, 10k diamonds + 26 contracts and 500k coins 7 SSR*

    Lvl 54, 10k diamonds + 26 contracts and 500k coins 7 SSR * including 4 SSR * LIMITED: YAKUMO Cocoa Liqueur, BLADE Explosive Recall, EDMOND White Lover and KUYA Kitsuke Dream. - 5 romantic scenes unlocked - all chapters completed - Linked to an EROLABS account (I'll give you the email after...
  9. End Game 9 SSR(6 Limited Units) NU Carnival Account for $80

    Level: 60 Story: 9-15 Ssr list: 1x Yakumo SSR 1x Edmond SSR 1x Olivine SSR 1x Edmond SSR (White Day) 2x Yakumo SSR (White Day) 1x Kuya SSR (Yokai Festival) 2x Garu SSR (Yokai Festival) 1x Yakumo SSR (Summer) 1x Olivine SSR (Summer) Completed both seasons of Sorcerers Trial and all events before...
  10. SOLD  Nu:carnival Kuya Kitsune Dream + Quincy Buckeye miracle

    Level 14 Kuya Kitsune Dream Quincy Buckeye miracle $15 payment via Paypal if you are interested you can send a message to Stephanny#5278 on discord
  11. SOLD  Nu:Carnival 5SSR, Kuya KD And others

    Level 41 Kuya Kitsune Dream Edmond White Lover 2 stars Yakumo Cocoa Liqueur Olivine Quincy $20 or best offer Linked to fictitious mail Payment via Paypal If you are interested, do not hesitate to send a message.
  12. SOLD  10 SSR (*3 Quincy exchange) 44k ๐Ÿ’Ž+100 contract summon less

    Wts super good acc rank lv 42 With 10 SSR wanna be ( can exchange Quincy to *3) with 3 limited Ssr : Quincy *3 ( just need exchange done) Quincy zest limited White day Edmond limited White day yakumo limited Blade Yakumo Olivine Story ch8 end 44.000 diamond ๐Ÿ’Ž 11 pink diamond With less than...
  13. 4 SSR (Yakumo2,Garu,Kuya,Quincy2)+All SR(except Kuya,Dante)|20$

  14. SOLD  5 SSR (2โ˜† Spring Oli + 2โ˜† Spring Quincy + Blade + 2k diamonds) | $10

    Lv 32 Chapter progress 5-10 First purchase (1 x 10 contract) bonus untouched SSR: - 2โ˜† Spring Oli - 2โ˜† Spring Quincy - Blade Items of note 9 x single contracts Keys- fire, wood, dark, light (1 ea) 761 memory crystal Price: $10 paypal; pm me here or discord at Jesaaa#0196
  15. SOLD  LV 54 HL account (54k power lvl) 7 ssr (2limited) | $55

    7 SSR - 2โ˜† WD yakumo - 2โ˜† Olivine - WD Edmond - Garu - Yakumo Story 8-15 Erolabs email login, will change PW ~20 days of VIP pass left Pity: 50/100 Price: $55 via paypal (f&f) Dm me here or at discord Jesaaa#0196
  16. SOLD  (reserved)WD Yakumo (2 stars), WD Edmond, Quincy, Kuya

    LVL 48 binded with dummy Gmail account Gmail will be yours along with the game account SSR: QUINCY YAKUMO WHITEDAY 2STAR(potential 5) EDMOND WHITEDAY KUYA SR Yakumo 2 stars Olivine 3 stars Morvay 2 stars Aster 3 stars Kuya 2 stars Quincy Garu journey:8-15 GEMCOUNT -10,880 sorcery gems: -13...
  17. SOLD  Wts 5 SSR+1 limited Mid Acc (52k ๐Ÿ’Ž)

    Wts : 5 ssr + 1 limited Mid account Ssr : Blade Garu Quincy Olivine White day limited Edmond Diamond 52,771 13 pink diamond (1 pink crystal exchange around 200 ๐Ÿ’Ž) 3 multi contract (30 summon) +1 single Story end 8-15 Login fake erolabs Gmail dummy ( the email doesn't exist ) but u can...
  18. Starter 4 ssr (Blade+3 limited)

    Wts 4 starter ssr blade+3 limited Blade 2 white day unit yakumo+Edmond 1 olivine event Story 2-8 Login EROLABS fake Gmail dummy ( email doesn't exist ( but still can change password Payment : wise Contact DC : LadyMii#9965 Price :15$
  19. SOLD  Wts 5 starter Ssr( blade+2 limited ) 3 multi contract+13k ๐Ÿ’Ž

    Wts 5 starter Ssr Blade 2 limited SSR *2 white day blade White day yakumo Olivine Story 2-9 3 multi contract ,5 single contract , 13k diamond Login EROLABS fake Gmail dummy ( email doesn't exist) but still can change password Payment :wise Contact DC :LadyMii#9965 Price :33$ usd
  20. Selling  6 ssr(w.yakumo B2 + Olivine B2) + 38k spirit gems | 20$

    Nu carnival ACC with 6 SSR + SSR YAKUMO + SSR WHITE YAKUMO B2 + SSR EDMOND + SSR WHITE DAY EDMOND + SSR OLIVINE B2 + SSR QUINCY Spirit gems : 38.000 Contract bundle x10 : 1x Story chap 3 eps 5 Link with dummy email.. Price : 20$ Paypal recomend, or if you indonesia can use DANA / Gopay My...
  21. Selling  nucarnival starter account

    hi i'm selling my starter nucarnival account with 40$ itunes which have all h scene except yakumo and 2 scene in edmond ssr olivine x2 dm me if you want to know more