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np5 ssr

  1. SOLD  /Trading fgo NA 23 SSRwnp: Merlin+Gilgamesh np5+sp.Ishtar+Scathach

    SELLING/TRADING • Looking for: Paypal Friend&Family/Wise/Crypto/Euro/Rupiah, or trade to: FGO NA/JP or FGO account+money. • My FGO accounts list: https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/2242954 • Buyer pays for the MM fee (if use MM) - 16 SSR/ 23wnp (Gilgamesh NP5, NP2: Merlin, Sp.Ishtar) - Gilgamesh...
  2. SOLD  /Trading fgo JP 45 SSRwnp: 5 support+NP5 Karna+Jalter cost.+Maou

    Selling/Trading • Looking for: Paypal friend&family/Rupiah/Wise/Crypto/Euro/FGO NA or JP/FGO account+money • My FGO accounts list: https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/2200524 • Buyer pays for the MM fee (if use MM) - 39 SSR/ 45wnp (Karna NP5, NP2: Dioscuri, Waver) - BIRTHDAY RESETABLE - 11...