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  1. S> NOVARO Zeny 27 USD per 1B

    Selling NOVARO Zeny 27 USD PER 1B WITH FREE 10M Zeny for every 1B Can show proof of payments and receipts from my other customers. WILLING TO DO MIDDLEMAN SERVICES HERE, BUYER SHOULDERS MIDMAN FEE. DISCORD ~~~~> wardeljames#8745
  2. SOLD  S> NovaRO ZENY 500m = R$120 / USD 25

    My time in midgard has come to an end (again), but yours is only beginning, fellow adventurer. Meu tempo em midgard chegou ao fim (novamente), mas o seu está apenas começando, aventureiro. 500m = R$120 / USD 25 FAQ: "Aceitas pix?" Sim. Discord: netrov#6269
  3. Quitting NovaRo - Endgame/PvP GX

    Hello everyone, I'm quitting NovaRo, due to having absolutely no time to play. This is an endgame/PvP GX account. I also have an 115 AB. Price $300, very little negotiable. PayPal only. For more details, pm me.
  4. SOLD  S > NovaRO Zeny (1B=45Usd/Php/Myr/Rmb)

    UPDATED: June 20 , 2022 S> NovaRO Zeny. 1B=45USD Minimum transaction 2B or Above. Payment: Paypal. Reach me on discord Kyleish#2987 Also accept other country currency. Malaysia Ringgit Payment: Bank Transfer, TouchNGo eWallet. China RMB Payment: Alipay, WechatPay Philippines Peso Payment...
  5. Selling  Zeny NovaRo 80$ Or 400 Reais Discord Eremes#7241

    Zeny NovaRo 80$ Or 400 Reais Discord Eremes#7241
  6. SOLD  novaro zennys

    selling novaro zenny 500m = $25 ( PayPal ) discord marcelo951#2504
  7. Sold NovaRO zeny usd/brl (price: 1b = 60 usd/ 1b = 300 R$) - Paypal for usd

    EN/USD I am selling zeny on NovaRO. I accept both USD and BRL currency. Please send me message to align on delivery/payment. Paying Methods (price: 1b = 60 USD) USD -> Paypal Total amount available: 0 zeny PT/BRL Estou vendendo zeny no NovaRO. Aceito tanto moeda USD quanto BRL. Me mandem...
  8. SOLD  zenny novaro br

    vendo 1b para brasileiros via pix cada 100m=35 reais via pix ou mercado pago discord marcelo951#2504 ou manda pm aqui mesmo
  9. SOLD  S> NOVA RO Account (End Game)

    S> Account with 3 Characters (Adoramus / MH / PVP) Adoramus Set +16 Holy Stick (Margaretha Sorin - Spell 3 / Spell 4) +11 Amistr Beret (Greater Sanare) Rainbow Scarf +12 Temporal Int Manteau (Yellow Pitaya / +5% MATK) +9 Temporal Boots Dex ( Nightmare Verit / ASPD Lv. 4 / RM) +7 PKS ( +60%...
  10. SOLD  NovaRO Selling Zeny

    Hi, I want to sell 3B zeny on NovaRO server. Price : 90$/1B or 45$/500m Payment method : Paypal How to contact me : Discord - L0rdeSeyren#7154 Thank you
  11. Selling NovaRO Zeny (quit sale). 1.2b = 90usd

    I'm quitting from NovaRO and I'm currently selling 1.2b for 90usd. Trade via Paypal or Picpay Message me here or on discord. discord: Euz#7183
  12. SOLD  NovaRO Selling Zeny

    Sell NovaRo Zeny - 1b 90$ | 500m 45$ | 100m 10$ | Payment method - Paypal Contact me on : Discord - Shogun#9854
  13. Selling NovaRO Zeny. Quitting Sale.

    I'm quitting Nova and I'm selling 1.15b for 90usd. We can do the transaction via paypal or picpay (for brazilians). Contact me here or via discord. Discord: Euz#7183
  14. Selling  S> NovaRO Equips

    PM Me Discord : Kauy Lyra #7184
  15. SOLD  NovaRO Selling Zeny

    Hi, I want to sell 2.5B zeny on NovaRO server. Price : 85$/1B or 42.5$/500m Payment method : Paypal How to contact me : Discord - L0rdeSeyren#7154 Thank you
  16. Selling  Novaro Zeny Account

    Selling my Novaro Account Warlock 175 geared, Equipment worth 700m - 900m 150 Million in Zeny