1. SOLD  Unlink Account | UR Akasha + UR Tuonel | $10 Negotiable

    Contact me on -EpicNPC thread/chat -Discord: Avachel #7887 Units -UR akasha -UR tuonel -SSR norn -SSR viola -SSR la crima -SSR cynetia -SSR arcana Pulls -awakening summon banner: mineer (2x multi pull, 13x single pull) -awakening summon banner: tuonel (1x multi pull) -has 1x large soul...
  2. Selling  YOH-Hart-KOB and other good units 45$ need it gone asap

    Im selling my gs account with the new crossover unit YOH. It has hart some kob units with their TW. Im looking to trade aswell for a bigger account. PM me some offers price is negotiable. 70$ *Hart with its true weapon *YOH with the new crossover equipments *Vox, sword berwick, leone, duke all...
  3. Selling  EndGame and Starter

    Trading for Google Play Cards 20 USD 40 USD
  4. SOLD  $30 Endgame account with 61k alch/49RG/14LBstone

    2Berwicks, sWick, dKane, Weaver, Melty, Fen, Norn, sMira, Kurama, 2Hiei, Kazuma, Sanstone, Feena, Platina, Duke, Tamae... And some more. Selling because I just need to get away from this game and the money pit that it is. Message me on here or discord (Aeolus#7964) for faster reply :)
  5. SOLD  ☆Grand summoners Dolphin Account☆

    ENDGAME GRAND SUMMONERS ACCOUNT -》Able to pretty much do most if not all end game content in game -》Solid Equips Including True Weapons and engame Equips Such As Goku Uniforms -》Solid Units including VOX, SWORD BERWICK, THETHIS, SHURI, MAKO, RIMURU, SANSTONE, GERALD, NORN, WARGUL, HIEI And...
  6. Selling  Fresh account Vox Berwick Ryuko Raphtalia Sonic 34 rainbow 10k alch 100usd

    Account as you see. Vox Norn Feena TW. Cesuke 744#3633
  7. SOLD  High End Semi Fresh With Vox, Ashe, Weaver, Norn + More

    Story at area 5 Multiple True Weapons including Vox, Rem, 3 Berwick TW Milims clothes, Priestess Robes and other notable equipment
  8. SOLD  Anti-Meta Norn +5 with Grimoire - Jinkai +5 - Sophia +5 - etc 15 USD only!

    Anti-Meta Team For Sale 😎 Contact me on discord konoburai#5914 / DM Selling Overhit anti-meta team Norn +5 with real grimoire, Jinkai +5 (need 5 shard), Sophia +5, also has Edmund +2, Ophelia +1 with real grimoire!! Easy Build Price: 25 USD (Paypal) PM ME
  9. (Pre F2P) HoT, 2 lvl 80, VERY close to The Juggernaut, looking for a fair price :)

    (Pre F2P) HoT, 2 lvl 80, VERY close to The Juggernaut, looking for a fair price :) (Second time typing this so bear with me if I seem aggressive, the site disconnected for some reason, not salty at all! xD ) Hi, I've been playing GW2 for a long time now and i've gotten to the point where I...
  10. Selling  GW2 Account, lvl 80 Guardian [F Norn]

    Decent gear on lvl 80, mostly orange tier. Old 100% map exploration achieve (before they added on new territories - 2 gifts of exploration in bank). Account has three other low levels as well: 21 f Sylvari thief, 20 f Human thief, and 10 f Human mesmer. Two mini pets, a black bear cub and Queen...
  11. SOLD  ♪ FRESH LVL80 ♪ NORN ELEMENTALIST ♪ Exotic Gear ♪

    EU Server: Desolation Fresh LVL 80 Norn Elementalist (Personal Story Completed) Exotic Gear (+ Ascended Amulet) Armor+Staff with Berserker Stats SOLD ♪♪♪♪♪ JUST POST HERE ♪♪♪♪♪ OR SKYPE: aapsalar ♪♪♪♪♪ CLICK HERE ◥◤ █████ █████ █████ █████ Accepted Payment Methods: PayPal, Skrill