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  1. Selling  Nino Kuni Rogue Lvl 73 Sand Eridanus Server

  2. Selling  [Sand Orion] Lv.64 Witch 616k CP

    Level 64 [Sand Orion] Reason for sale: Bored with the game. F2P Account 616k CP (No Kingdom/Food Buffs) Offer me your price through discord. Pay via PayPal or RCBC Banking(PH). Discord me for more info : fantazsy#3880
  3. Selling  Aqua cancer Rogue super rare weap fire awak 2 cp 600k 65$

    Aqua cancer Job rogue Cp 603k Super rare equip 4, super rare weap fire awakening 2 Costume super rare Minus 4k asterite, because bug Pm me discord yakuza#5443
  4. Selling  (ASIA) aqua libra Witch lv 67 490k cp w/ Molten Lion + 4x Rare Equipments

    Hi, Im selling my account with details as below: - 505k CP currently (will still be playing until acc is sold) - 1 Molten Lion - 10 other nat4 familiars - 1 Tyrant Scale - 2 Abyss Crystal - 1 Dynasty Glove - 6x 6 star equipments - 2,5k Territe - 1,4k Diamond - have so much weapon and armor...
  5. Selling  [ Europe Account ] - Sage Leo - Swordsman 320k + 4PG + Reign LvL8

    Sell my account Swordsman 58lvl. [Hidden content] Whatsapp : 3791500509 Telegram : 3791500509 Price : 35Eur Payment Paypal or Mastercard
  6. Selling  Sand Aries lv.49 | 1 rare pvp armor | 1 rare pet fire molten | 20$

    Sand Aries lv.49 | 1 rare pvp armor | 1 rare pet fire molten | 20$ Payment via paypal / paylah / paynow Discord name = DawnTillDusk#3595 Log by Email & Gmail dummy
  7. Selling  Hippocampus+7*4 pet all element weap *4 destroyer cp 360k aqua cancer 50$

     Server aqua cancer Job destroyer Cp 360k lv 57 *4 weap complete all element Ring rare Hippocampus+7*4 familiar Outfit new update Daily adventure active 26 day 50$ Discord yakuza#5443
  8. Selling  [Aqua Cancer] Lv50 Enginer Cp 260+ Terite 850

    Payment : paypal fnf Price : offer me Discord : phe#0649
  9. Selling  Sell Account Swordsman 48lvl - PdC 220k

    Sell my personal Account. Price: 30 Eur.
  10. [NA-Jade Cancer] Rogue LvL 51 271k CP | 10x 4-star | 4x 4-star Familiar

    DAY 1 PLAYER | Top 100 Class Rogue on the Server. ADD MY DISCORD | Dvls#5027 PRICE STARTS $45 NEGOTIABLE Acceptable: Paypal, CashApp, Venmo Willing to do the transaction on midman as long it is not 3rd party and will use Epicnpc Midman *The Account is linked to a dummy Gmail *The Account will...
  11. SOLD  EU [ Sage Gemini ] F2P account ,Engineer lvl59 cp380.K ~ 50$

    Hi !:) - I started playing on day2 of the release . - Right now Engineer class is the main , its rank is 12 on the server ( level rank ). - If you do not know Engineer is a class for support+healing party members . - I usually get in top 10 DMG in field bosses fights. - account is totally...
  12. Buying  Mid to End game any job Sand Aquarius account

    Looking for a mid to end game tier account at Sand Aquarius server
  13. Selling  (sage aries) 50$ 314k CP ROGUE LV56 9x4* equip 9x4* familiars

    Bind to main email but im not gonna play anymore, dont have time to grind as much as i expected to. Looking for offerts at discord or here Shamble#3244
  14. Selling  [Europe][Rose Gemini] 66 lvl ROGUE 550k CP (updated 10.06)

    DISCORD - SpiritusSanctus#1172 65 lvl rogue, everyday activity, grind exp\territe, bosses Monthly buffs and battlepasses available for a month upon grand open Bag with 600 slots 6* mount + birby 4* ( got upgrade stones till 6*) Alts are 34+ lvl ACCOUNT IS ACTIVE EVERYDAY Any questions - pm...
  15. Selling  [Aqua Pisces] LV35 Engineer Acc *4 MoltenLion+ Oroboros

    Unlinked/Guest Price offer Payment via PayPal or TransferWise For more info and faster reply Chat me on discord = nikayrezza#2299
  16. Selling  [Aqua Aries] Destroyer lvl 51 CP 273k with lvl 20+ others, login guest(Update)

    diamonds still unused with 19 ticket gacha weapon and 15 familiar gacha here the screenshoot if u are interested dm me on discord Zean#0344. payment paypal only
  17. SOLD  Jade Aries(NA) 4* weapon engineer water pet oroboros unlink guest gem not use

    Jade Aries(NA) 4* weapon engineer water pet oroboros unlink guest gem not use discord felicitous#9336 or direct message paypal f&f or transferwise