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new majin vegeta

  1. SOLD  54 PTP Lr 8 full Gods/Monkeys. 60-58-17 full New Majin Vegeta, Agl Cell 92lr.

    1.3 k login days. 200 rainbows,140 ezas
  2. Selling  Semi 34 lr 3/4 Anni New Goku 2 dupes. 46-58-4-200.

    Everything besides ezas is fresh
  3. Selling  fresh 34 ptp- New Goku 79% 3 anni 46-58-4-200 Vegeta,Cell Radditz Str Goku

    Everything is fresh and visible.
  4. Selling  Fresh 32 PTP both Anni 36-58-2-200-Vegeta Goku Super Vegeta,Agl Trunks

    Everything is visible.
  5. Selling  Fresh 29 PTP Lr-Both New Anni-Gods one dupe.35-58-2-200, 900 ds

    Everything is fresh
  6. Selling  Fresh 28 PTP Lr All 7 Anni LR.38-58-3-200%-Vegeta,Goku Radditz 400ds 990days

    Everybody is visible. Radditz one dupe.
  7. SOLD  Fresh 31ptp lr-new gods/Monkeys Kuhan, New Majin Vegeta/Buu/Trunks,36-58,400ds

    Everything is fresh.
  8. SOLD  Global Fresh 28 lr-New Gohan/Trunks, 33-58-New Majin Vegeta, 53 dfe, lot of du

    Hello Like in pictures everything is undone. Its a great starter account. Nothing is done