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  1. Buying  NavyField.com Account BO lvl 55+ Nation not important

    Hi I Buy a Navyfield.com Acc BO Lvl55+ Nation not important pls PN me on Discord: Zayn2816# Love Greetings
  2. SOLD  WTS Navyfield account

    Im selling the following account: US lv125 CREW BB6 BB5.5 KM LV 125 CREW BB6.5 BB6 B5.5 UK LV 125 CREW BB6 BB5.5 SN LV120 CREW BB6 BB5.5 MN LV125 CREW BB6 BB5.5 RM LV125 CREW BB7 BB6.5 BB6 PBB6 BB5.5 ////////////// RM LV 122 CV CREW CV5.5 Items not used in the store: 1 NF X sailors Dozens of...
  3. Buying  NavyField Account

    Good afternoon, Just looking to purchase a NavyField account; shoot me an email if you have an offer to sell. Thanks [email protected]
  4. Selling  Wts accountkm bb6.5 ijn/sn/rn/mn/us bb6 pcv*7

    Want to sell this account: BB6.5: J44 BB6: MN/IJN/USN EBB6: IJN/RN/SN EBB5: SN/IJN/MN PCV: all nations Credit: 190 million Point: 160 million Exper increase: 40 thousand Premium sailor: 42 Crew: I have almost all 7 nation's BB/CV/SS sailor in the account (10 pages) but not all of them...
  5. Selling  WTS NFNA Acc MN/UK/RM/KM BB6 and more...

    hey guys, I want to sell my NF Acc. I play since a few years NF. First on EU server then on NA. Now I have no time to play, and because I invest a lot of money, I want to sell my acc. I have: At first I have to say: I have an lvl 92 AXIS BO, that is a BO who can control every ship of the...
  6. Selling  account have capitan not crews have ebb hero sailors .. bo lvl 120

    offert me via paypal