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naiad idv

  1. Buying  Looking for a Kroto account! (Na/Eu, iOS!)

    Disc: sodapop#8851 if you have any questions, or what I'm looking for! My budget is $120. IA no matter what if you have both Kroto and HoS on a smaller account (Na/Eu). I'll raise my price accordingly as much as I can, even if I have to sell my skin. ID if you refuse to use a middleman, if it's...
  2. Buying  LF Halberd of Silence Smurf (Naeu iOS)

    Hi! I’m looking for a Halberd of Silence smurf on NA/EU. I’d prefer it to just have the one skin as I have a low-ish budget at the moment. Please reply to this message and we can talk on Discord and meet in game. If you cannot meet in game for whatever reason then I cannot accept the account. I...