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naia account

  1. Selling  Naia dagger 111/ ITEMS

    Naia ghost hunter 111/dual class ghost sentinel 107 gear augmented dw shaper standar augmented r99 dark leather set+10 exalted leather set+10 angel ring+6 anglel neckless+6 lindvior earing (non tradeable) atlas earing+12 exalted ring Top brooch+1+ jewels geater topaz lv2/ red cat lvl4/ruby...
  2. SOLD  Selling Accounts - NAIA

    Selling accounts on Lineage2.com Naia server! Contact me: Email: [email protected] Skype: live:zmeiserega666 Discord: zmei#6097 105 Sigel Evas Templar / 99 Wynn Elemental Master - Exalted Gear, Most of the skills +10 - Screenshot 105 Tyrr Titan / 102 Sigel Shilien Templar -...
  3. Selling  wts CRAFTER 99 / TANK 100

  4. Buying  WTB Feoh Soulatker Naia 99

    WTB FEOH SOULTAKER 99 I prefer and dual
  5. Buying  WTB wynn arcana lord 99lv Naia

    Wtb Wynn Arcana Lord Naia 99lv if have and dual will be better. PM me
  6. Buying  WTB WYNN Arcana Lord 99lv Naia

    Wynn arcana lord 99lv Naia if have and dual will be better :P if dosent is not problem :) pm me
  7. Selling  WTS account naia or trading vs account giran

    Hello i sell 4 account on naia i make 1 package cheap price feoh storm dual aerore shilien saint 103/104 aerore cardinal dual feoh soultaker 99/93 iss hiero 96 othell fortune seeker 96
  8. Selling  WTS ON NAIA

    account nacked spoiller 97 healer 99 dual necro 93 iss hiero96 150e feoh storm screamer 103 dual aero shillien saint 104 sub80/80 300e la vie en rose radiant broche 5slots sapphire lvl 3 amethyste lvl 3 obsidian lvl3 garnet lvl 3
  9. Selling  Eviscerator 105 05 99/ Dual: Tyrr grand khavatary 105 00.14. Many years of dev

    Selling Eviscerator lv 105 05 99 / Tyrr Grand Khavatary 105 00.14 [/IMG] Contact me: Email: [email protected] Name: ANEMPODISTH Main: EVISCERATOR lvl 105 05 99 Dual: TYRR GRAND KHAVATARY lvl 105 00.14 Armor: Bloody Eternal Leather ALL +10 AND 120 Augmented Elnore Cloak Legendary +10...
  10. Selling  Wts othell fortune seeker 99 / iss doomcryer 99

    [/IMG] MAIN - OTHELL FORTUNE SEEKER LV 99 - 47% 15AP +10STR +1DEX -2CON disparition/undying will DUAL – ISS DOOMCRYER LV99 - 22% 15AP masters’ rage SUB – LV80 GHOST SENTINEL ; LV80 SPECTRAL MASTER ------- light eternal set R99 +4 light seraph set R95 +4 freya soul cloak...
  11. Selling  Wts yul ghost sentinel 99 / wynn spectral master 88

    [/IMG] MAIN - Yul ghost sentinel lv 99 - 64% 15AP +6 STR +5 DEX -2 CON disparition/undying DUAL – wynn spectral master lv 88 4AP dual p.atk SUB – shillen saint lv 80 ; doomcryer lv 80 ------ Light seraph set R95 +4 Light twilight set R85 +4 Shadow...
  12. Selling  Tyrr 104/Yul 101 level with many bound items

    +8 physical/magical/shiny/paargio/eva shirt +7 physical/magical/eva Augments: Giant crit/cele/silence/undying/bers, Normal conversion/pvp buff/mental shield/crit/ 5 slot brooch lv.4 diamond/pearl/vital/emerald lv.3 ruby/topaz/amethyst/tanza STR+CHA lv.5/lv.4 dyes +20, +15, +10 skills Dual +15...
  13. Selling  WTS Feoh Soultaker 100 / Feoh Archmage 99 (Dual) at Naia

    Hello! WTS Feoh Soultaker 100/99 (Dual Feoh Archmage) - 120 €. More info in PM
  14. Selling  Tyrr duelist 101 / aeore eva's saint 99

    MAIN: TYRR DUELIST 101 [DYE +15 STR] DUALCLASS: AEORE EVA'S SAINT Info: One lvl missing on dual class to finish exalted quest Subclasses: Mystic Muse 78, Silver Ranger 62 Weapons: Enhanced Shadow Dualsword [R] Amaranthine Dualsword [R99, NO SA] +3 Specter Cutter [R95, NO SA] +3 Specter...
  15. Iss enchanter lvl 95

    Iss enchanter for sale lvl 95 Seraph heavy set
  16. Selling  [NAIA] Yul Moonlight Sentinel Lv100/Dual: Aeore Healer Lv100 (both 16AP)

    Selling lvl 100 Elf Yul Moonlight Sentinel with a lvl 100 Aeore Healer Dual and 2 subclasses lvl 80 Archer have no skills enchanted neither Aeore Healer. Toon have Exalted Exp Skill Lv 2 (Exalted Q not yet finished - that means no Exalted cloak or tiara) No Dyes Enchanced Tauti Barcelet +...
  17. Buying  ISS - Naia

    Preferably lvl 99 but will consider any offer. Pm here, Thnx
  18. 99 Tyrr/95 Iss on Naia!!!

    Hello, I'm selling a toon with the following stuff. Its email account has never been changed and I am willing to sell it at low price. Make ur offers in private msg here, at [email protected], or add Skype giannis.aggianou. >>>99 Tyrr Grand Khavatari / Dualclass 96 Iss Sword Muse / 80...