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  1. Selling  Selling Lost Ark Gold All Servers | Daily Price Update

    Lost Ark Gold NA-West/NA-East/EUC NA-West: 0.285$/1k NA-East: 0.335$/1k EU-Central: 0.235$/1k ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I Trade via Auction House NA-East/EU-Central: T3 Relic Accessories NA-West: T3...
  2. Selling  [WTS] NA East Regulus Lvl 10 CDR Gem

    Selling 1x Lv10 Dmg gem ($175) and 3x Lv10 CD gems ($75) - all random skills. Selling 1x Lv10 Dmg gem ($180) - DB Surge skill. Selling 1x Lv10 CD gem ($75) - random skill. I will reroll for a specific skill for $3 extra. I can send through mail/meet in-person for trade (high roster account)...
  3. 1509 ilvl deathblade NAE, All purple quality, +25 weapon

    Selling as I no longer have time to play in college and need money as broke uni student 1600$ OBO, discord is hz#4800 if you want me to screenshare, more screenshots of stuff etc. I have done a trade on this site before and am fine with middleman but fees would have to be covered on your end...
  4. Selling  NAE SelfFarmed Gold / 1540ilvl / 0.28 with crypto 0.33 paypal / 0k stock

    Screenshots of my rosters (outdated, will update soon™) Last updated: June 23 Previous thread with some feedback All gold comes from in-game activities and used for myself or traded, no bulk trades Available transfer through ancient accessories for 5% additional fee (Probably) safest gold...
  5. Selling  NAE Avesta 1526 Deathblade 1501 Sorc+25 weapons etc level 10 gems and more

    DISCORD: Elle#1765 This is my personal account, noone else has access to the steam but me. I've decided to quit the game as I no longer find myself enjoying it and don't want to continue playing simply due to the insane investment put into it. I am open to REASONABLE offers. The steam account...
  6. SOLD  200k NA-East Gold $1/1k (Fees on Me)

  7. SOLD  OG Name on NA-East

  8. Selling  [NA-East Regulus] 1415 SH Main Alts 1331|1340 |920|960|960

    Details : skill points 309 on fresh lvl50 char 3 ignea tokens 36 world tree leaves 4 omnium stars Characters: Shadow Hunter - 1415 iLvl Shadow hunter alt - 960 iLvl Shadow hunter alt 2 - 960 iLvl Soul fist - 1331.33 iLvl Glaivier - 1340 iLvl Paladin - 920 iLvl images: almost 30k gold -...
  9. SOLD  NA East Rare/Feminine IGNs

    Selling NA East IGNs without any accents for Venmo or Zelle: R*** - SOLD S*** - SOLD C*** - SOLD Sesame - C/O 100 B/O 300 Buyer go first or we can use a middle man. Please be at least phone verified and I will not add you on Discord until we agree on a deal on here first.