moogle attire

  1. SOLD  Selling all Classes 50 and DRG 52(Except WHM and Fishing) with Heavensward

    So im Selling the account because i don`t play it anymore and need some money at this time (who doesn`t xD) Server - Hyperion Has Collectors Edition for Realm Reborn Has regular Heavensward Still Has Subscription Until 8 of July >>Check Here<< Ninja ilvl130 Glad ilvl 130 Moogle Outfit 60+...
  2. SOLD  Selling Moogle Attire Code from FFXIV Fan Fest

    This is for (1) Moogle Attire Fan Fest Code which is no longer obtainable!! Please contact me via Skype @ RequiredChaos - Please add me to send offers!