monster warlord cheap g1

  1. Selling  Monster Warlord G1 w/ VIP 12 all mines and 12k energy!

    Getting rid of this one as I am buying a new one. Offer? First one to offer $100 gets the account. All mines ViP 12 (cost about $250 to get there) a lot of immortals for when the new tier comes out and 203 gold boosts at 15B each. Comes out to about 3 trillion gold. 1.2K energy images upon...
  2. Selling G1 , lvl 231 full divine set 30 Eur

    Selling my G1 account with full set of divines 16.8B dph(without dark leader) , 1230 gems , 315 Honor points , stats are :250/228/313 [/IMG]
  3. Selling  "Lvl 118(still growing), G1, $50 negotiable

    ATT 142,874,628 DEF 155,602,571 5 Stamina 546 Energy HONOR POINTS = 155 M-Coins = 505 and counting All mines unlocked ( 24 jewels per day X 30 = 720 jewels a month!) Jewels = 456 and counting.... 2x Outer+ 1x Ultra God+ 7x Ultra God 2xSS God+ 1x SS God 1x S God+ 2x S God 2x God+ 15x God...