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mono geo

  1. Selling  Genshin Impact Asia - Zhongli and Albedo

    ASIA 9 x 5 STAR 5 STAR CHARACTER; Zhongli Albedo Yae Miko Keqing Qiqi Jean Eather 5 STAR WEAPON; Skyward Spine Polar Star Other details: Guaranteed event banner, Pure f2p, No Deadlink, No Issue
  2. Selling  24x5 Mono Geo + Hu Tao + Homa + Yoimiya etc

    - 150${2000₺} Google play in TRY currency - 150$ USDT or GENESIS CRYSTALS - Only those 3 methods available!!! * Chasm & Enkonomiya at %40-45 only did their quests not searched * Lost to pjws at weapon banner so 1/2 38/80 * Ningguang costume * ONLY SELLING Buyers goes first or pays fee for mm
  3. Selling  Zhongli+Homa+Albedo+Itto+HuTao+Homa+Venti c2+Yoimiya+Klee etc

    Can do Abyss 30-33* easyly Pity is guaranteed 42+ 34 wishes +81 characters all built Ningguang costume available Yelan materials and artifacts prefarmed Chasm and Enkonomiya are at %40-45 only did their quests not searched LF 150$ MOP : GOOGLE PLAY / USDT / GENESIS CRYSTALS only those 3...