max troops

  1. Selling  [CHEAP] COC TH 13 | 36/62/25/11 | 80$

    Selling this account Quitting but still playing for clan wars Screen shots: . . LINKED TO SCID WITH DUMMY GMAIL . . Barbarian King : 36 Archer Queen : 62 Grand Warden : 25 Champion : 11 Price? 80$ Can direct but i dont go first Paypal f n f Contact me Discord: Noire#7679 Email ...
  2. Selling  MAX TH9 $30

    MAX TH9 - Defense is MAXED except for ~30 lvl 9 walls - Most troops are MAX level except for Val - King/Queen both lvl 13 DISCORD: huegene#9637 I will send screenshots and am willing to negotiate. I want to sell fast. BTC preferable.
  3. Near max th12 54/57/25 700 gems

    Near max Th12 with 700 gems Almost all troops are maxed Good defenses and strong walls Tons of magic items Click the link below to see all pictures of account. If you are interested in the account please contact me. For the quickest response message me on Discord: chandler#6187 Kik...
  4. Selling  Level 233 99% MAX TH12/60/60/30/Max BH8/[$240]

    This TH12 is basically fully maxed with MAXED Defense, MAXED heroes, and about 90-95% MAXED Laboratory with a COMPLETELY maxed BH8 too and 5000+ gems! Change name for 500 gems. Account comes with over 5000 so you can change. Looking for SERIOUS buyers only. Send me offers. PRICE: $240 (PayPal...
  5. Th11-level 170-max def-aq45-bk45-gw20-max troops

    Hello i am selling my account because i need money to pay for my dog's operation bills. The account has: -Maxed defenses- -Maxed Heroes (AQ45~BK45~GW20) Maxed troops(only few spells left) Maxed walls+75 TH11 walls (max) Price is - 200$(Negotiable) Contact info for pictures: Skype...
  6. Near max th 8

    Level 87 th 8 max troops max defense. Level 7 walls nearly all level 8. 1800 trophies. Message me at [email protected] name change avaliable
  7. Selling  Town Hall 10 Lv127 Max DEF, troops King lv40 very cheap can change name

    TH10 Lv127 Android and IOS DEF: MAXED Troops: Almost maxed, except level 5 Goblin (upgrading to max), valkyrie, Level 3 earthquake spell and level 2 haste spell IOS and Android, included security question for Apple ID, Can change name. Special: Halloween Headstone (2014) Halloween...
  8. Selling  Clash of clans level 135 MAX TROOPS MAX DEF !!! 💲🚩🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Clash of clans level 135 MAX TROOPS MAX DEF !!! 💲🚩🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Hey guys i have this great base for sale , max troops max def and max everything, this is for both ios and android . Level 135 . CHAMPION♣ ! Im takeing all kinds of offers. So kik me : topstar67 or email me [email protected]
  9. Clash of Clans, Champion! + 250 Lava Walls + 2100 Gems, Maxed Out Th9

    Looking to sell this account real quick. Linked to gmail. I will provide any required information (email,password etc). Got an Apple device? No problem! You can link that s**t --> Details: Everything is maxed out, one of the best th9...
  10. SOLD  MAX TH10, Android. Only 650$

    Change name - available. Selling only through an intermediary epicnpc or sending money to My Skype|KIK - vosklxl My Viber - 380503869704 Other in photos:
  11. Clash of clans account th10 level 142 with Max heros Max def and Max troops

    This is a account is Town-Hall 10 and for BOTH ANDROID AND IOS. It also comes with security question answers if asked, this base is currently 100% max but the walls . Which are 1 level away from being maxed. I am talking offers so contact me at kik: alexgun878 [email protected]
  12. SOLD  Excellent Maxd defenses/troops Town Hall 9, High level Walls, changeable name

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD thx for viewing great TH9!! Includes: [*=center]Name can be changed [*=center]AQ:21 BK:20 [*=center]192 level 9 walls, 58 level 10 [*=center]1900 gems [*=center]Max defenses/troops [*=center]Pirate Flag :D Love this game but it's time to pass it along. Will...
  13. Clash of clans account level 135 with max troops and defence

    Im selling this base for both ios and android and you can also change the CLASH of clans username if u would like since i didnt change it yet and if you want to buy it .. please message me on kik. KIK : trung865 [email protected] lalashah [email protected] - - - Updated - - -