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lost ark shadowhunter account

  1. SOLD  EU Antares Shadowhunter Main 1387|Sorceress 1325 | Berserker 1000+Fresh Steam

    EU - ANTARES ACCOUNT with 2 T3 chars and 1 T2 and 2 T1 Chars - All good engraving - Fresh Steam Account - comes with email or u can change the email after payment - 7m Silver and 3k gold (always increase until the account is sold) Price : $85 via paypal f&f Just pm discord Momoo#1873 for...
  2. SOLD  ShadowHunter-1335/SoulFist 1325 and 2 Alters T2-Regulus

    -ShadowHunter 1335/SoulFist 1325 and 2 Alters T2 -Full Drops -Full Books for alts and potions a good chest for newplayers -High Virtues Stronghold lvl 24 (editado) -Many Mounts -6 pets -Over 1.2M Card EXP -Lost Ark Founder Pack Bronce -Regios US Regulus -Silver 6.2M - 216 Feathers Phoenix - 21K...
  3. Buying  Endgame lost ark account shadowhunter

    Looking for a endgame account with the platinum skin for shadowhunter.