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lost ark korea

  1. Selling  lost ark gold korea server only! 2023

    Hi everyone! I'm real player in KR . Gold is earned legally and legit. Send gold through mail: KADAN server (카단) only. Delivery method: Mail in game/auction in game For OTHER SERVERS in game, we will deal thru AUCTION market (jewelry transaction). IF you are NEW, message me so I can guide you...
  2. Selling  Lost Ark Korea Permanent Account

    LOST ARK KOREA PERMANENT ACCOUNT Selling Lost ark korea server account. This is a permanent account with a dummy email. PM me in discord Adunis#6420 for more info We can use middleman but the fee is yours Mode of payment: Paypal(friends and family) ONLY.
  3. Lost Ark KOREA accounts

    Hello guys, I am a well know member in epic, i am here to sell permanent accounts in korea. Why us and HOW IS PERMANENT??? easy to explain, we are players, my partner is korean, the moment you pay for 1 month the account will be yours forever. if you dont want to play for a month for example and...