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lost ark 1400

  1. SOLD  [NA West Valtan] Sorceress Tier 3 ilvl 1415 / Glaivier 1373 [Cheap]

    Price : 200$ Paypal / Crypto #Account will be constantly play daily until it get sold out# Main Class : Sorceress lv56 & Glaivier lv55 / Roster 86 Discord : Kae aka Lyuno#8577 Do i own this account ? - Yes i'm The Owner of the account Tradable Mats [Animal Outfit, Mokokoboard...
  2. Selling  NAW Mari Whale acc | 1460 Deathblade | +20 WEAPON | + 1415, 1394, 1370, 1368

    Looking to sell my NA West Mari server account. Main character is ilevel 1460 with several high T3 alts! Play on the most popular server for NAW players with a Valtan ready 1460 account and several geared alts, one of which is also able to challenge Valtan right now! Characters are as...
  3. SOLD  LOST ARK 55 Level 1401 GS Soulfist 100$ !!!!

  4. NA WEST Valtan - Ber 1400+gs- Platinum founder pack-roster lv76 - 1 alt t3

    NA West Valtan here is the images: imgur.com/a/uOdjOfj please contact me thru epicnpc chat or discord: sssssss#1757 untradale platinum skin on gunslinger untradable lawmaker haven't unboxed fresh steam account price: 1300USD price is negotiable I can livestream on discord to show you what you...