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lost ark 1385

  1. SOLD  Mari | DB 1385 ilvl | 3 Altchar Berserker & Gunslinger (1370), Arcanist 1040

    DEATHBLADE 1385 GS WITH 4x3 ENGRAVING 3 ALTCHAR : 1. BERSEK 1370 GS 2. GUNSLINGER 1370 GS 3. ARCANIST 1040 GS if you interested pm me on discord : Ajid#6369
  2. Selling  [NA EAST Azena ] Gunslinger 1400/Deathblade 1340 more 2 alts T2

    I'm selling my lost ark account (Steam and original gmail) Gunslinger 1400 (Hybrid gear of argos and abyssal raid 4/2 ) Deathblade 1340 (I use it mostly for pvp dtm Glavier 1325 (Updated)...
  3. Selling  1395 ShadowHunter T3 NAE Una

    Selling my 1395 shadowhunter, screenshots of everything attached. No relevant alts. Lmk if you have any questions, 150$. Middleman or pay first.
  4. EU Antares Bard Main 1397 | Death Blade 1340 | Gunslinger 1320| +Steam

    CEU - ANTARES ACCOUNT T3 Bard DB Gunslinger and pre-T3 Sorc - Steam Account (trusted/can trade) - does not come with email, u can change the email after payment - 1100 Royal Crystal and 1.2k Blue Crystals left - Crystalline Aura still active until 27/05/2022 - Still have 960 Feiton Power Pass...
  5. Selling  ⚔️EU | SLEN 1398 Berserker + 1340 Deathblade + 1325 Paladin 150$🔪

    ORIGINAL OWNER!! LIFE TIME QUARANTEED!! I'm selling my lost ark account (Steam and original gmail) Contact the DISCORD address for everything you are curious about. Full access to the steam account (including email) You will get the fastest response from me on discord, so please contact me on...
  6. Buying  NA West Valtan- 1380+ Sorc/Bard

    Class: Sorc, Bard Payment via crypto/paypal Pm me here or on discord: Sinoz#7563
  7. SOLD  NA WEST Akkan 1390 Paladin + 1310/t2 alt pets/costumes/mounts $190

    Server: Akkan Main Account: Paladin Level: 54 Alts: 1310 Artillerist/Sorc 600+/Berserker 400+/Sharpshoot 400+ Midman OK Account will be used until sold Steam Account: Only Lost Ark CLEAN Roster Level: 83 Stronghold lv 28 Gold: 10k Silver: 2.5m Ship: All are available except for Astray Card...
  8. [1388 main] [EU Central Zinnervale] (Looking for 250E)

    Roster level: 76 Item level: 1388 Level 54.5 Engravings: Mayhem level (3), ambush master level (3), master tenacity level (3) Stronghold upgrades (all completed) Mounts: Cerberus x2, Terpeion of the shadow, summer night mokoboard, soda chamuri. Life skills: some level 7, negligible progress to...
  9. SOLD  [NAW Mari] Igniter Sorc- 1394/ 1 alt 1335

    Steam account is newly created, willing to give both steam account and email. Will still play until it's sold Some of pics are outdated as im still playing and upgrading. Account details: Current ilv: 1394 3 parts of Argos set, 3 parts of punika set, will have full Argos set after weekly reset...