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lol accs

  1. Selling  Platinum 3 account with all champions

    League of Legends account with a price that even I aint believing. It have ALL CHAMPIONS, +50 SKINS INCLUDING LEGENDARY AND RARE AND +5 CHROMAS. This account also have a lot of summoner icons (since season 2 playing). The account tier is platinum 3, with great mmr (+22 and -18 points each...
  2. Selling  Great sale from Mileena! Do a purchase this week, and win PAX SIVIR!

    Hi there! This is my fitst sale and great chance for you to get PAX Sivir account for free! You just need to make purchase in my shop for 30$ or more, and this Sunday you will take part in lottery. All will happed at 3 p.m. New York time on youtube with proofs. You also can just buy ticket for...
  3. SOLD  MAIN LoL Account 100+ champs [Verified] [Middleman] [100+ positive feedback]

    SOLD Selling League of Legends (Main account) - You will get 100% secure account from Verified Member with 100+ positive feedback score (as you can see on my profile)