lm lvl100

  1. SOLD  LVL100 Trophies + Modded Avatar

    1-5$ on avatars any avatar any region on your US account LVL1-100 Trophies Will be synced will not be banned pm for my proof and assurance
  2. SOLD  Very cheap account !!!

    Wts lotro account with 5 characters(Lore-Master 100,Hunter 80,Warden 49, Rune-keeper 41,Captain around 20) and with: -Quest packs: Evendim, Forocel,Enedwaith,Southern Mirkwood,Eregion,Moria,East Rohan,West Gondor. If you interesting i accept paypal.(40-45 euro) 100% SAFE ! Lifetime: 3 years.