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  1. Selling  Second Life - SELL Linden Dollars (L$ 50,000) available 🤑

    Available quantity: 50,000 L$ Value every 10k: 30$ If you buy L$ 50,000: 145$ I accept guardian intermediary, however the payment to the guardian is at your own expense. I accept Paypal, Skrill and Cryptocurrencies. Discord: Serasa#5146
  2. Selling  [L$] Linden Dollars | L$250 for US$0.96 | L$10,000 for US$38.40 >Fast Delivery

    👑 Selling Linden Dollars (L$) 👑 🚚 Delivery in 24 hours 🚚 💰 LEGALLY Earned Linden Dollars 💰 ➡️ Rate: L$ 250 / US$ 0.96 ⬅️ 📈 Stock: L$ 0 📈 L$ 1,000 ⇾ US$ 3.84 L$ 5,000 ⇾ US$ 19.20 L$ 10,000 ⇾ US$ 38.40 L$ 25,000 ⇾ US$ 96.00 L$ 50,000 ⇾ US$ 192.00 L$ 100,000 ⇾ US$...
  3. Selling  Special Price Lindens for Sale | L$21,000 for US$82 No Scam

    SPECIAL PRICE !! LINDENS FOR SALE L$21,000 FOR 82 USD FAST DELIVERY NO SCAM! THIS LINDENS IN PACKAGE. IF YOU WANT TO BUY IN RATES. PLEASE CHECK MY OTHER THREAD. https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/linden-dollars-rate-l-1000-us-4-00-fast-delivery-no-scam-l-bonus.2049373/ PAYMENT METHODE ONLY BY...
  4. Selling  Linden Dollars Rate L$1000 / US$4.00 | Fast Delivery No Scam ++L$Bonus

    Linden Dollars For Sale! Rate L$1000 / US$4.00 So if you buy : L$10,000 - 40 USD L$20,000 - 80 USD L$40,000 - 160 USD Fast Delivery, Not Scammed Lindens! ++L$BONUS IF YOU BUY MORE THAN L$20,000 Payment Methode only by Paypal (FnF) Contact me for more information Discord: NanaAna#3862 *Note...
  5. SOLD  Second Life | Cute Female Account | No junk objects - 7.000+ organized item

    ~*°Cute female account with cute items°*~ _________________________________________________________________________________ ||CATWA, LELUTKA AND GENUS HEAD|| ||||Don't hesitate to contact me if you need more information|||| ~With a super cute name~ * Items (organized folders: ENG/ESP. No junk...
  6. buying

    hello there, i am interested/curious in buying lindens, please note though, I live in Australia, so our currency is AUD. buying straight from the source i have found i am paying more, for the same about of lindens that an american pays.. so for example, i put in 10 US dollars, i am getting...
  7. Selling Clean Account Man!! - 4 years with 9 months (emergency sale)

    Hello everyone! I am selling a clean man account. It is 4 years with 9 months old. The means paid will be made by Paypal. The price is $5 Please contact me on Discord: Nobody#0944
  8. Female Maitreya/Genus Account - lindens only

    hello, I am looking to sell her for lindens only.. which will be discussed via PM or IN game - I am happy to send more pics for anyone interested - i am happy to take a screen shot of the groups - happy to take screen shots of inventory which is VERY clean and neat (because I am ocd) - no pesky...
  9. Selling  ACCOUNT W/ exclusives and customs

    I’m selling my SL account which has been active for about 5-6 years. It has mesh bodie(s), Maitreya incl. It has several mesh heads including custom ones AND custom skins. Exclusive clothing & items. I can insert a picture of her current look if needed. Message me to buy. Paypal only. Going...
  10. Buying  Looking for pop culture/celebrity names (paying well)

    Interested in buying accounts with names of characters from pop culture (movies, tv shows, anime etc) and celebrities. Gender doesn’t matter. Legacy preferred but interested in any rare names, even Resident accounts. Account names must be 100% accurate with no extra characters or numbers etc...
  11. SOLD  Second life | 9 years 2 months | cute legacy female account

    ~*° Cute LEGACY female account with cute items°*~ Years Old: 9 years 2 months. ~With Maitreya Lara mesh body (V4.1) (And other 4 mesh bodies)~ ~Catwa - Dyana Head (And other 2 mesh head)~ ~With a super cute name~ Items (organized folders, no junk objects, all items are good. many...
  12. Selling  male and female legacy 2005 - 2010

    Female legacy names: Eiren, Kimono, Macbeth, Nacht, Daffyd, Courturier, Masingh, Mazi, Ohl Male legacy names: Navarathna, Macbeth ~*~*~*~*~*~ $15 - $25US, $L or paypal, open to trade for cool one i don't have. <3 Please contact [email protected] if you are interested. Thank you!
  13. Selling  Selling Legacy Avatars

    Selling Legacy avatars created since 2008 i take good offers prices are negotiable :)
  14. SELLING SecondLife Accounts!! (2013)

    I have a male and female avatar! BOTH with Mesh, Rigged, and Prim, Slink, Etc! I'm letting them both go for 8,000L$ or Best OFFER!! Hurry and e-mail me :) [email protected]

    Hey all! I'm selling tons of second life accounts, all LEGACY ACCOUNTS TOO!! I have last names ranging from Daviau to Ihnen, and even Furse! If you're interested shoot me a private message here, or email me! ((TONS of other names available as well!)) Email: [email protected] --- Want...
  16. Selling  Selling second-life account with various female items.

    I'd really like to sell my very first second life account with various female purchases! Including, hairs and skins, clothing galORE hunny. I'd rather have my payment in Lindens! Email me at: [email protected]
  17. SOLD  Six legacy names for sale!

    I have six legacy names (most are unisex; like catchy word play names) that I'm clearing off of my list of alts I have. They're all clean, no inventory, and never been used. I'm asking 8k in lindens each for them OBO. I will only be giving out the first names and the last name initial for my own...
  18. SOLD  Selling Female Toddleedoo Account [Pay with lindens]

    Selling a female baby Toddleedoo account Name: KarridaleBaby Date: 2015 Message KhloeAshford in-world **PAY ONLY WITH LINDENS** - - - Updated - - - PM me to talk price, pay KhloeAshford.