legacy name

  1. SOLD  2 Year old Male Creator account with legacy name. "H."

    First name is one letter alone, his last name is one of the paid for legacy names. I am original owner and can provide original information etc. I created him to create a skin market, hes also a landscaper. Belleza Jake Body Signature Gianni Body Catwa Daniel Head Catwa Gac Head Faresse Mesh...
  2. Selling  Female legacy name for sale!

    FEMALE ALL CLEAN NO STRESS LASTNAME LEGACY NAME 20k Please contact me : [email protected]
  3. Selling  Selling Legacy Avatars

    Selling Legacy avatars created since 2008 i take good offers prices are negotiable :)

    Hey all! I'm selling tons of second life accounts, all LEGACY ACCOUNTS TOO!! I have last names ranging from Daviau to Ihnen, and even Furse! If you're interested shoot me a private message here, or email me! ((TONS of other names available as well!)) Email: [email protected] --- Want...
  5. Buying  Second life legacy with specific name

    i am looking for a avatar with the last name of Ktaba or Jupiter willing to pay via L$ please contact me with how much you want and first name of the avatar via email @ [email protected] i am on daily, and will respond as soon as i see the message. - - - Updated - - - Now only looking...
  6. Trading  WTT Second Life Male Legacy name for Female Legacy name

    Name: Hyde T. (2010) I'm looking for a female legacy name to trade for this name. Please PM me with the name you wish to trade.
  7. SOLD  Legacy Accounts for Sale - 2006

    Female 2006 First Name w/ Huge Inventory - Female 2006 First Name - (Different Last Name) Male 2006 First Name - Male 2006 First Name - Only accept cash @ Paypal or through skype <removed>